Transport Reviews from January 2014

Listed are 1740 customer reviews from January 2014 provided to Transport Reviews.

Car pickup (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
auto transport (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Ultimate Recovery Solutions Bad Experience (Ultimate Recovery Solutions)
highly recomend (Transport Connection)
Vehicle Transport (Stateway Auto Transport)
Fast and easy (Tucker Logistics Corp.)
Fantastic Service (Tucker Logistics Corp.)
Motorcycle Shipment (Priority Auto Relocations Inc. )
Not Pauls Fault (Elite Auto Shipper)
Ship A Car Direct Totally Rocks (Ship a Car Direct)
Excellent Company (Stateway Auto Transport)
Shipping to Texas (Get it Done Transportation)
Don was professional and efficient !!!!! (Tucker Logistics Corp.)
Auto transport (Priority Auto Relocations Inc. )
Quick Service (1Flat-Rate LLC)
1957 olds (Transport Connection)
Good experience (Ship a Car Direct)
Job Well Done (New World Auto Transport)
Car Relocation (Priority Auto Relocations Inc. )
Motor Mover Review (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
Auto transport (Priority Auto Relocations Inc. )
Job well done!!! (Tucker Logistics Corp.)
2010 Ford F-150 (Auto Transport 123)
2012 Buick lacrosse (Montway Auto Transport)
5 car move (Auto Transport 123)
Air Land & Sea Quick service provided. (ALS Cavalier Convoy LLC)
2012 d5500 (Auto Transport 123)
Great experience (5 Diamond Auto Transport LLC )
Excellent Service (American Auto Move)
auto transport (Affordable Auto Transportation Inc.)
2007 mercury Milan (Auto Transport 123)
Unsatisfied Customer (RoadRunner Auto Transport)
Car Transport (Total Car Shipping)
(Julie 602-428-6878 ext 7027) (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
thanks (Q Auto Transport LLC)
Great Service (Ship a Car Direct)
Awesome (All States Car Transport)
Laura Curto (480) 428-1266 (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
Great company (EbidTransport Inc)
Poor transporter (Montway Auto Transport)
Review (All American Transport)
Review (Numis Auto Transport)
Ripped off twice - documented. (Magic Car Transport LLC)
Ripped off twice - documented. (Magic Car Transport LLC)
Car Hauler (Ship My Car Online)
Unauthorized post (Ship Your Car Now LLC.)
2014 BMW (Auto Transport 123)
shipped alot of car (Car Shipper USA LLC)
service (Auto Transport Logistics LLC)
Worst company, digusting people (Starway Logistics LLC)
NA (Direct Express Auto Transport)
Jaguar Roller (Suncoast Auto Transport Inc.)
Good Move of Car (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Excellent (Q Auto Transport LLC)
Move From NJ to FL (WPA Transportation Corp.)
Good Service. (WPA Transportation Corp.)
great service (Stateway Auto Transport)
Car Transport (Auto Transport 123)
Thank you AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
Extremely dirty car (Montway Auto Transport)
Excellent service (Ship My Car Online)
McNutt provided great service (McNutt Auto Logistics LLC)
1992 Subaru SVX (Montway Auto Transport)
Shipment to Canada (HJM Shipping)
Perfection (Way To Go Auto Transport LLC)
BMW X5 (ALS Cavalier Convoy LLC)
I was surprised! Not what I was expecting. (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Great experience (AA United Auto Transports Inc.)
Great, great service (Montway Auto Transport)
Stress Free Process (All American Transport)
Laura Curto (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
T-BIRD ARRIVING HOME SAFELY (All American Transport)
Overall review (Q Auto Transport LLC)
2007 F-250 Crew Cab Diesel (Interstate Transport Group)
kimberly lunsman (Direct Connect Auto Transport)
TRANSPORT OF OUR VEHICLES (1 Shot Express Transport LLC)
Transport (Get it Done Transportation)
Mike Prestia (Reliable Worldwide Auto Transport)
Excellent, Trustworthy and Honest (Crestline Auto Transport)
TRANSPORT REVIEW (Crossroads Auto Transport)
Got truck early (New World Auto Transport)
Shipping (Official Auto Transport)
Fantastic service (4 Corners Transport Services)
Transport Review (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
AmeriFriggin' Great (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
good service (Ship a Car Direct)
Poor customer service (Anytime Auto Transport)
Poor customer service (Anytime Auto Transport)
Awesome! (National Transport LLC)
Malia McClain (360) 853-2806 ext 7021 (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
They are Crooks (Premier Auto Shippers)
happy (Inter-City Auto Transport Inc.)
Review (Montway Auto Transport)
Excellent Service (Jaguar Paw Trucking LLC)
Happy (Affordable Auto Transportation Inc.)
Fraud!! Do not use (Carriers4Less)
Thank you Ship My Car Online, (Ship My Car Online)
Car in mint condition (American Auto Transport (FL))
Good Service (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
delivery (Affordable Auto Transportation Inc.)
Va to Ga (Professional Auto Transport)
moved son's vehicle across country (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Overcharged agreed upon quote (All 48 States Auto Transportation)
Excellent serivice! (American Auto Move)
experience!was excellent (American Auto Move)
Excellent service (Montway Auto Transport)
Auto Transport (TD Auto Logistics (FL))
My First Transport Experience (American Car Transporters Inc.)
Brandon 360-853-2849. (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Brandon 360-853-2849 (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Stress free car shipping (1Flat-Rate LLC)
Nissan Centra Oregon to Virginia (Ship a Car Direct)
shipping car (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Highly recommended(1954 belair) (Mercury Auto Transport)
Never again ( LLC)
Could not have more Satisfaction (All Star Direct Auto Shipping)
Andre P@480.878.7316 (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
Awesome customer service (Noble Auto Carriers)
Know what you are dealing with! (Daily Direct LLC )
Horrible Service! (Estes Express)
Horrible Service! (Estes Express)
Got the job done! (Transport Connection)
Thanks (ALS Cavalier Convoy LLC)
Excellent (United Routes LLC)
Unhappy (AAA Transporters)
C3500 Dually, Silverado,Crew Cab (We Will Transport It Corp)
Everything went as promised (Nationwide Transport Services)
Very positive experience! (Total Car Shipping)
7 Star Auto Transport (7 Star Auto Transport)
Excellent professionalism! (American Auto Transport (FL))
Honest simple transport-highly recommend (Crossroads Auto Transport)
Moving a car is STRESSFUL (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Shipped from Ohio to Florida (Capitol Auto Transport)
Motor Movers - Mary Winfield @480.428.1265 (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
Great Service (Jays Auto Transport Inc.)
Quick pickup (Ship a Car Direct)
Car Transportation to Texas (Montway Auto Transport)
My Shipping Experience (Q Auto Transport LLC)
Good service (American Auto Transport (FL))
Auto transport across states (Priority Auto Relocations Inc. )
Delivery Was Fine (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Use this company for any auto transport (Southern Belles Auto Shipping)
1998 Audi Quattro (white) (New World Auto Transport)
Hired and cancelled (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Montway is great! (Montway Auto Transport)
Performance (Priced Rite Auto Transport)
Transport Saab from Pennsylvania to Nevada (King of the Road Transport Inc.)
Can't ask for more! (A-AAA Auto Transport Inc.)
2005 Toyota Corolla (Auto Transport 123)
2004 jeep wrangler (Auto Transport 123)
Cars Shipped (Motors On The Move)
Toyota Corolla (Auto Transport 123)
Relocation Experience (Q Auto Transport LLC)
They Were Great (Lightning Auto Carriers)
Best Transport Company (ALS Cavalier Convoy LLC)
Subaru Outback (Auto Transport 123)
Smooth Shipment Process (Ship a Car Direct)
Stephanie Hamilton 360-853-2803 (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Carrier (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
2002 Lancer (Auto Transport 123)
Great Service (TD Auto Logistics (FL))
Golf cart (Auto Transport 123)
Quality and Honest (Ariston Auto Transport)
Excellent as expected (American Auto Move)
Ford Focus (Auto Transport 123)
Car transportation review (Montway Auto Transport)
Great Service (Auto Transport 123)
Never Showed Up (1 Shot Express Transport LLC)
Excellent Service-Number 1 Auto Transport (Number 1 Auto Transport)
Call Mary First!! (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
Stateway Auto Transport Review (Stateway Auto Transport)
Positive Feedback! (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
NOT HAPPY (AutoStar Transport Express)
Best service in industry (Andrew Auto Transport)
A very good experience (Jays Auto Transport Inc.)
Great company! (American Auto Move)
Brandon 360-853-2849. (Magic Car Transport LLC)
Car Ship (Ship a Car Direct)
Car from Miami to Cali (Ship a Car Direct)
Review (Suncoast Auto Transport Inc.)
a1 Auto transport (A1 Auto Transport)
Great Company (Move My Automobile (No Longer Active))
Awesome customer service (AAA Transporters)
cross country enclosed shipment (Ship a Car Direct)
auyo transport (Ship a Car Direct)
Smooth Process (All American Transport)
All American Trfansport Great Service!!! (All American Transport)
toyota camry (Auto Transport 123)
2011 Mercedes sl 550 (Auto Transport 123)
Great Service (Ship a Car Direct)
Excellent performance (Ship a Car Direct)
Viper Transport & Towing wrote us a bad check (Viper Transport and Towing Inc.)
auto being shipped (Mercury Auto Transport)
Thank you! (Ship a Car Direct)
Acura Legend 1993 (Auto Transport 123)
Excellent Service (Q Auto Transport LLC)
Car transport (Progressive Auto Relocation Inc.)
car shipping across country (EbidTransport Inc)
personal attention (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
2000 mercedes benz c280 (Auto Transport 123)
Vehicle transport from Colorado to Michigan. (Lighthouse Auto Transport LLC)
auto shipment (Ship a Car Direct)
audi s8 (Auto Transport 123)
Lexs SUV (Auto Transport 123)
I am using AmeriFreight next time (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
CA to N Carolina (1Flat-Rate LLC)
thankyou!!! (Auto Transport 123)
Ford Focus (Auto Transport 123)
Fantastic Service! (1Flat-Rate LLC)
Motor Movers – Mr Ric Carrillo @480.878.7315 (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
AFFORDABLE AUTO TRANSPORTATION INC. would use again! (Affordable Auto Transportation Inc.)
Andre (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
2009 Civic (Auto Transport 123)
Excellent service (Inter-City Auto Transport Inc.)
Driver was Very Good!!! (Coastal Auto Transport LLC)
Great service (Envision Auto Relocations Inc.)
Great service (Envision Auto Relocations Inc.)
good work (All American Transport)
Fabulous Service (Transport Connection)
Revieview and rating (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Auto moving (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
Exceeding Expectations (Ship a Car Direct)
Communication (Corporate Auto Transport)
Lexus Ls 430 (Ship a Car Direct)
1956 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery (Montway Auto Transport)
Reliable service (Centric Carriers)
Excellent service (Professional Auto Transport)
Malia McClain (360) 853-2806 ext 7021 (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Smooth process (Ship a Car Direct)
pick up (Pristine Auto Transport LLC)
Fast cross country delivery (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Very Efficent (Ship a Car Direct)
A pleasure doing business (Alpine Transport Inc.)
Transport of Antique Car (Tru Auto Transport Inc. )
experience matched expectations (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Brandon 360-853-2849 (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Brandon 360-853-2849 (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
NEVER PICKED UP (State 2 State Auto Transport Inc. )
2009 Jeep Liberty (Auto Transport 123)
corvette (Auto Transport 123)
From a total mess, to perfection! (Auto Transport 123)
Auto (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
New York to Nevada, easy as 1-2-3! (American Auto Transport (FL))
transportation (1 All Aboard Auto Transport )
shipping review (Q Auto Transport LLC)
Service Reliability (7 Star Auto Transport)
My Car (Door to Door Transport)
Hyundai Azera (Auto Transport 123)
Very Fast Service (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Great service. (Cars R Us Auto Transport)
Malia McClain (360)853-2806 x 7021 (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
review (Ship a Car Direct)
Great experience for first time user (Montway Auto Transport)
1948 Chevy Transport (Direct Connect Auto Transport)
C-10 (Auto Transport 123)
Motor Movers - Mary Winfield @480.428.1265 (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
Spare yourselves. DO NOT USE (Dependable Auto Shippers)
Spare yourselves. DO NOT USE (Das Car Shipping and Auto Transport)
Lexus SC430 (Auto Transport 123)
Caddy from Cali (Cavalier Auto Transport)
Very Professional (Montway Auto Transport)
Kimberly Lunsman 818 643 3203 Inv 131560 (Direct Connect Auto Transport)
2004 Ford Mustang (All Day Auto Transport)
great company to deal with (Professional Auto Transport)
Fantastic Customer Service! (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Car Transport by Roan Trucking (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Car transport from TX to PA (Ship a Car Direct)
Great transport experience with this company (Priority Auto Relocations Inc. )
Good Job (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
great experience (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
transportation of Jeep (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
Comments about car carrier. (Ship a Car Direct)
Kimberly Freiley 360-853-2814 (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Overall experience (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Ms. Garrison (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Great service (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
Damage to Vehicle (BullDog Transport)
Experience (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Great Service (Montway Auto Transport)
Excellent communication (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
Shipping vehicle (Alpine Transport Inc.)
1967 Caprice (Q Auto Transport LLC)
Great service (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Experience was excellent (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Great Job! (Ship a Car Direct)
Transport of car (Stateway Auto Transport)
Great communication (Exclusive Auto Carriers)
Extreme Caution (Superior Transportation Inc.)
car transport (Montway Auto Transport)
GOOD JOB (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
3000 miles plus! (Stateway Auto Transport)
December Transport (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
A+ car transport (Ship a Car Direct)
Absolutely Amazing (American Auto Transport (FL))
Excellent Service (Lane By Lane Auto Transport)
Dependable and Educating (Andrew Auto Transport)
Excellent Service (All American Transport)
Good Service (All American Transport)
Knowledgable to a first-timer (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Montway Auto Transport (Montway Auto Transport)
Great service (AAA Logistics LLC)
Best help (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
Excellent (1Flat-Rate LLC)
Pontiac Torrent (Auto Transport 123)
price change (Exclusive Auto Transport)
not only late, but damaged (All American Transport)
Would highly recommend. (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Honda CRV (Auto Transport 123)
Overall (Ship a Car Direct)
Review (Discount Auto And Truck Transporters)
POOR (Quality Auto Transport)
Good shipping company (Q Auto Transport LLC)
Special Circumstances (Number 1 Auto Transport)
Satisfied Customer (United Freight Of America)
Sam Saved the Boston Show! (Number 1 Auto Transport)
Town and Country Van (Ship Your Car Now LLC.)
Thank you! (Orange Auto Transport)
2013 a 5 (Auto Transport 123)
Great Service (Auto Transport 123)
transportation (Auto Transport 123)
BMW 330 CI white (Auto Transport 123)
Transported my Nissan Murano (Auto Transport 123)
On Time (AutoStar Transport Express)
good (AutoStar Transport Express)
Transport Connection was fantastic (Transport Connection)
Great experience (King of the Road Transport Inc.)
Customer service (Ship a Car Direct)
Florida Shuttle Bus (Florida Shuttle Transportation)
Was afraid... Not anymore! (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Brandon and Alex (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Excellent job! (Team Auto Transports)
Car Transport (Stateway Auto Transport)
Highly recommend (South Beach Transport)
1968 Travelall (United Auto Transport)
Dealing with 1 Auto transport (Number 1 Auto Transport)
Transport Review (Stateway Auto Transport)
Good service (Number 1 Auto Transport)
recommendation (JB Express LLC)
Auto Transport (Nationwide Transport Services)
First timer (Ship a Car Direct)
Car Transport (Magic Car Transport LLC)
car transport (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Auto Transport (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Excellent Service (Montway Auto Transport)
Service was great (Stateway Auto Transport)
83 jeep transport (Rite Way Auto Transport)
Great experience (Montway Auto Transport)
Shipping a motorcycle (Boca Transport)
Transport of AUV (AutoStar Transport Express)
Examination of services provided (Horizon Auto Transport )
Honolulu to Naperville, IL. (Safeway Car Transport LLC)
Pleasant experience (Cars R Us Auto Transport)
Very pleasantly surprised! (Q Auto Transport LLC)
Job well done (Auto Transport Connections LLC)
MERCEDES BENZ (Auto Transport 123)
Great Service (Door to Door Transport)
Pretty good experience! (ALS Cavalier Convoy LLC)
great honest service (Rockland Auto Transport Inc.)
Great company (Number 1 Auto Transport)
Hummerlious!!! (7 Star Auto Transport)
Shipped two vehicles across country!!!! (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
great service (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Great work (Q Auto Transport LLC)
Great and will use again! (American Auto Transport (FL))
Horrible in every way (AMKO Automovers)
*****BEWARE OF FRAUD**** (Rock Bottom Rate Auto Transport)
Recommended Service (Q Auto Transport LLC)
Thanks Froland (Froland Auto Transport)
enclosed carrier (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
TERRIBLE!! (Move My Automobile (No Longer Active))
auto shipping (Montway Auto Transport)
Auto Transport (Transport Connection)
AMAZING!! SAVED MY LIFE!! :) (Auto Transport 123)
Door to Door Transport (Door to Door Transport)
Auto Transport (Auto Transport 123)
Great Servi e (Cobalt Logistic Services LLC)
1971 Triumph TR6 (Auto Transport 123)
Transport of car (All American Transport)
2010 VW CC (Auto Transport 123)
Ship 2010 Honda Accord (Cruise Control Auto Transport)
Excellent service (Ship a Car Direct)
thank you 123 (Auto Transport 123)
3rd time I used these folks (Professional Auto Transport)
Nightmare (S&B Transport)
Clutch Player!!!! (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Company commitment (Door to Door Transport)
64 Lincoln Continental from VA to CA (Transport Connection)
Nothing to Fear (Number 1 Auto Transport)
Mega Motors (Sun Auto Transport)
My experience (We Will Transport It Corp)
Michelle Girard 360-853-2831x7038 (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Dependable Auto shippers review (Dependable Auto Shippers)
Reliable Transportation (Certified Auto Carriers Inc.)
Excellent again (Number 1 Auto Transport)
Pretty Good (Truck It Transport Inc.)
Car Shipping (Right Way Shipping LLC)
auto shipping (EbidTransport Inc)
oh yeah (Door to Door Transport)
My experience with the company (Professional Auto Transport)
FIVE STARS (AAA Anytime Inc.)
Motor Movers Auto Transport gets an A+ (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
Highly recommended (Transport Connection)
scamming blackmailing Bullies (Ship My Car Online)
2007 Honda Accord Shipment (We Will Transport It Corp)
transport (We Will Transport It Corp)
Excellent Service (JB Express LLC)
Great Expectations (Dependable Auto Shippers)
Auto (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Great Service with short notice (Motor Movers Auto Transport)
OH to FL (Car Shipper USA LLC)
very nice transport at affordable price (Montway Auto Transport)
Good Experience for First Timers (Total Car Shipping)
moving my 2011 towncar (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Holiday shipment (Ship a Car Direct)
Don't Recommend It (
shipping a car (Cobalt Logistic Services LLC)
Great Transportation Broker (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Highly Recommended!!! (7 Star Auto Transport)
Sue Garrison 360-483-4348 (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Good service transport review (Tru Auto Transport Inc. )
2nd time using Amerifreight (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Excellent! (Discount Auto And Truck Transporters)
Sue Garrison 360-483-4348 (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Priority Auto Relocations got the jon done (Priority Auto Relocations Inc. )
This is THE go-to company! (New World Auto Transport)
Transporting my 87 jeep wrangler (We Will Transport It Corp)
Transport Review (Transport Connection)
Horrible transport company (Reliable Auto Transport Of Ft Lauderdale)
Novice (Ship a Car Direct)
Transport of car from PA to FL (We Will Transport It Corp)
shipping car to Ohio (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Great customer service (Quality Car Move)
Montway Auto Transport (Montway Auto Transport)
Review (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Satisfied (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)