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Budget auto was able to ship my vehicle to Hawaii

Bill H Submitted this review about Budget Auto Shipping
Review made Live: 1/18/2014 7:25:00 AM
Update: After a review because of the length of shipping my vehicle, after posting here I received multiple phone calls to get my vehicle to Hawaii from the Budget Auto staff. They took the time to explain the process of transporters taking the bid and how the process was baffling as I was within 20 minutes of I-55 a major shipping route. After reworking the wording of the order, we had a transporter who picked up within 24 hours. With weather, holidays and other unforseen problems over the last 30 days there is an semi-understandable delay. Would I use this transport sevice again? Well, they are legitimate and my van is now enroute. Talking with Matson shipping (ships from CA to HI) they explained though they are not affiliated with Budget Auto they do considerable business with them. I've noticed several military members use these guys for thier transport needs with success. Once their supervisor gets involved, things happen. Would I recommend? Yes, they do communicate but ensure they give you a date and hold them to it, if not, request to talk with someone with the ability to make things happen as the supervisor will get things moving.

RE: A month since order and yet to be transported. I paid 30 days ago and my vehicle is yet to be picked up. I dropped off my other vehicle to be transported by the military through the St. Louis VPC and it made it cross country and is on the ship bound to Hawaii. When I ask budget auto shippers, they give me excuses that it was the holidays and weather holding up transport. After reading other reviews on this site, it appears others are getting their vehicles transported. I am never updated on delays, I have to call or email to get information. I did place customer service up a little as I do get a hold of someone, but sadly all I get are excuses and a few threats when I talk with Eric. Not pleased with this transporter, would recommend other military PCS movers to use this company with caution. I will update this review once my vehicle ships or when I get a refund.