Transport Reviews from August 2018

Listed are 1698 customer reviews from August 2018 provided to Transport Reviews.

MY SONS BIRTHDAY GIFT (National Car Transport)
Satisfied (Garcia's Auto Transport and Logistics)
Easy process (Ship a Car Direct)
Timely Response and Excellant Service (Allied Auto Shippers)
Amazing & over the top (Ship a Car Direct)
3 Cars Cross Country (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Excellent customer service (Beam Me Up Auto Transport, Inc)
Car transfer. (Ship a Car Direct)
Great service (Beam Me Up Auto Transport, Inc)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
great experience (Direct Express Auto Transport)
Moving far... (Ship a Car Direct)
Excellent Service! (All Coast Auto Transport)
Ship Car from Hawaii to California (Beam Me Up Auto Transport, Inc)
New Best Inc (Ship a Car Direct)
Excellent service (BWT Group LLC DBA
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
Auto Transport (Mercury Auto Transport)
Jack fisher! (BWT Group LLC DBA
Professional and Fast (Angels Moving Autos)
Great Shipping (Ship a Car Direct)
Amazing dependable service (Bullseye Auto Transport)
Professional, Efficient, Safe! (Number 1 Auto Transport)
Transportation Services (Nationwide Transport Services LLC)
Update on this awful company (All Star Direct Auto Shipping)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
Really Cares (Transport Connection)
At123 (Auto Transport 123)
auto transport 123 (Auto Transport 123)
Truck Transport (Ship a Car Direct)
Great Experience! (Fisher Shipping Company)
Car Transporter (Ship a Car Direct)
Motorcycle Transport (Auto Transport 123)
Experience (Ship a Car Direct)
AT 123 (Auto Transport 123)
Car delivery (Ship a Car Direct)
Tired of lies (2 J's Auto Transport)
Satisfied Customer (Direct Express Auto Transport)
Malia ROCKS!!!! (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Fantastic Experience (Ship a Car Direct)
Very smooth process (Ship a Car Direct)
Valuable service! (Direct Express Auto Transport)
Ship A Car Direct (Ship a Car Direct)
Would use again (Ship a Car Direct)
1501595760-OM (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Malia Took the Mystery Out (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Odd situation handled well (Ship a Car Direct)
Shipping at its best (Garcia's Auto Transport and Logistics)
Great all around service (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Great service (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Car transport (Easy Car Shipping)
Efficient and Trustworthy (AutoStar Transport Express)
About car transport (Q Auto Transport LLC)
Car delivery (Ship a Car Direct)
Average Service (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Great service (Titan National Transport)
Car transport from PA to CA (Angels Moving Autos)
Autotransport123 AMAZING (Auto Transport 123)
Car Transport (Ship a Car Direct)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
ship a car (Ship a Car Direct)
Indictment update (United Movers Group)
AT 123 (Auto Transport 123)
Reliable car moving company (Angels Moving Autos)
Easy car transport service (Angels Moving Autos)
at123 (Auto Transport 123)
F1 Transport (Ship a Car Direct)
Reliable (Yellow Brick Transport)
Thorough service (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Shipping to Orlando (AA Car Transport LLC)
overall good experience (Priced Rite Auto Transport)
Great price and process! (Ace Connect Auto Shipping Inc. )
Cross Country Car Transport (Mercury Auto Transport)
IA to WA (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Easy Car Shipping (Easy Car Shipping)
Mike Patel,at Yellow Brick TRANSPORT (Yellow Brick Transport)
Auto transport (Upscale Auto Transport)
Car Move from BHM to HOU (Ship a Car Direct)
Transport of 1955 Cbevy 3100 (AutoStar Transport Express)
Coast-to-Coast Automobile Shipment! (AutoStar Transport Express)
bmw transport (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Service as expected (Ship a Car Direct)
Shipping car across country (Ship a Car Direct)
Fast and affordable (DIY Transport Inc.)
Great work (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Smooth Process, Great Company (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Car Shipping (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Perfect service (Q Auto Transport LLC)
Transport Connection (Transport Connection)
Outstanding! (Ship a Car Direct)
2014 Ford F250 from Houston to East Tennessee (AutoStar Transport Express)
convertible transport (AutoStar Transport Express)
Highly recommend! (Ship a Car Direct)
Easy and quick (Angels Moving Autos)
Great experience (1st Class Auto Transportation Inc.)
Did exactly as they promised (Stars & Stripes Transportation)
The Best (DIY Transport Inc.)
WHAT A GREAT EXPERIENCE (AutoStar Transport Express)
U get what you pay for! (Auto Transport 123)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
Shipped my car to a very remote area-perfect (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Great experience (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Great service! (Get it Done Transportation)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
Outstanding Auto moving company (Angels Moving Autos)
2003 infiniti (Auto Transport 123)
Great Service Once Car Picked Up (Ship a Car Direct)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
a non-runner from Colorado to New Jersey (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Fast and simple service (Ship a Car Direct)
Vechile transport (Reliable Carriers Inc.)
Great Experience (Ship a Car Direct)
Shipping with Shipacardirect (Ship a Car Direct)
Absolutely (Auto Transport 123)
Excellent service and on time delivery (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Excellent car shipping experience (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Car Transport (Reliable Carriers Inc.)
Thank you All Star! Job well done (All Star Direct Auto Shipping)
At123 (Auto Transport 123)
No frills, got the job done! (Auto Transport 123)
Transport service (Direct Express Auto Transport)
Car Transport -- IL to HI (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Excellent Service Overall (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
At123 (Auto Transport 123)
Repeat Customer (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Great service!! (All Terrain Logistics Inc.)
two times and no complaints! (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Remarkable Customer Service (Angels Moving Autos)
Excellent transport (Direct Express Auto Transport)
Quick and Easy!! (Ironclad Auto Transport (NOT ACTIVE))
Great! (Easy Car Shipping)
Saab Shipment (Ship a Car Direct)
NYC > ATX (Ship a Car Direct)
A1 Broker!!! (JBA Auto Transport)
No contact-switched companies (Autos On The Go)
Stephanie Hamilton is amazing!!! (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
On time and friendly (Fidelity Auto Shipping)
SEA, WA to S.C. (Transport Connection)
Great service and price! (1st Class Auto Transportation Inc.)
Great service (Ship a Car Direct)
To their word (Ship a Car Direct)
Great Service! (Direct Express Auto Transport)
Ship Vehicle from St Augustine Fl (AutoStar Transport Express)
Very good job (Ship a Car Direct)
Incredible Service (High Standards Auto Transport)
Fast and Efficient (DIY Transport Inc.)
Auto shipment (Ship a Car Direct)
Service (Get it Done Transportation)
Helped me out in a big way (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Ship A Car Direct (Ship a Car Direct)
Car arrived on time, no damage! (Ship a Car Direct)
Great job (Ship a Car Direct)
Easy process (Ship a Car Direct)
Easy and Professional (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Car transport with no problems (Ship a Car Direct)
Professional Service (Truthful Transport Inc.)
Ship (Ship a Car Direct)
Ironclad Auto Transport (Ironclad Auto Transport (NOT ACTIVE))
Tremendous Service (Shiplux )
Best Vehicle Transport (Cobalt Logistic Services LLC)
RE: Reliable Transportation Completed (Smart Talk Transport Inc. )
Great service (Ship a Car Direct)
Shipping from Chicago to Denver (United States Transport)
Car Transport (Ship a Car Direct)
Heidi Schulze 360-464-1038 (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Moving Car from New Jersey to Indiana (Nationwide Transport Services)
Excellent Services and delivery (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
transport of vehicle (Fife Truck Shop Inc)
Auto tranport Reno NV to Portland OR (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Customers beware (I Move Auto)
shipped our car (Ship a Car Direct)
FLEET EXPRESS THE BEST (Fleet Express Auto Transport)
Cross country move (All Day Auto Transport)
Shipping (Ship a Car Direct)
Very smooth (4 Corners Transport Services)
Exceptional customer service (Ship a Car Direct)
Car Shipping (1st Class Auto Transportation Inc.)
Good service (Ship a Car Direct)
Transporting My 2005 Toyota Sienna Van (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Good job (BWT Group LLC DBA
An outstanding car transport experience (Ultimate Auto Shipping Inc.)
Great Service (Ship a Car Direct)
Fast and easy (Ship a Car Direct)
Good experience! (Ship a Car Direct)
Auto transport (Ship a Car Direct)
Good prompt service (Priority Auto Relocations Inc. )
Easy to use (Ship a Car Direct)
Hassle free shipping (Ship a Car Direct)
Los Angeles to Dallas (Transport Connection)
AMAZING! (Ship a Car Direct)
Transport from DeLand to DaBronx (Lightning Auto Carriers)
Very good service (Ship a Car Direct)
Car shipping (Ship a Car Direct)
Worst experience (Route Runners Auto Transport)
Infinit G37 move (Quality Car Move)
Car shipping (Ship a Car Direct)
Great communication & Quick Delivery (Auto Movers USA LLC)
Awesome Service (Ship a Car Direct)
Outstanding Service (Ship a Car Direct)
Overall Pleased (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Very happy with results (DIY Transport Inc.)
Fast and Flawless (All Day Auto Transport)
2008 CADILLAC CTS (Auto Transport On Demand)
Got my car shipped quickly! (Ship a Car Direct)
Delivery timeliness (Auto Transport 123)
Car transport (Ship a Car Direct)
Car Transport (Ship a Car Direct)
Easy and Safe (Ship a Car Direct)
California to Oklahoma (Ship a Car Direct)
Car Transport (Montway Auto Transport)
Trumped Up Fees (Freight Center )
Nightmare car - excellent service (Transport King LLC )
Tow 21' Boat and trailer (All Day Auto Transport)
Car transportation (Ship a Car Direct)
Amazing people and service (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Automobile Transportation (Ship a Car Direct)
Philly to Vegas (Transport Connection)
Boston to Seattle (Ship a Car Direct)
Car Transport (Ironclad Auto Transport (NOT ACTIVE))
GREAT EXPERIENCE (All State To State Auto Transport (US Auto Transport) - INACTIVE)
auto transport (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Great Business (DNA Auto Transport LLC)
HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE (Montway Auto Transport)
Very professional (Mercury Auto Transport)
Move from Ohio to Iowa (J&S Transportation)
Car transport (Garcia's Auto Transport and Logistics)
Awesome (Ship A Car Inc)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
Pleased (Ship a Car Direct)
Yes (AutoStar Transport Express)
Easy door to door shipping (Ship a Car Direct)
Horrible and not reliable (AT Auto Transport Inc.)
Stay away (Auto Shipping Express LLC)
Shipping our car to Urbana (Ship a Car Direct)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
Chicago to Seattle transport (Ship a Car Direct)
Top quality yet again (Angels Moving Autos)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
Car transport (1 All Aboard Auto Transport )
Overall Strong Experience (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Quick turn (DIY Transport Inc.)
Transporting car across country (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Car shipping (Smart Talk Transport Inc. )
NY to CA (Ship a Car Direct)
car transport (South Beach Transport)
Qauto Transport Lies (Q Auto Transport LLC)
Very Happy With My Service (Ship a Car Direct)
shipping my Classic Corvette (Ship a Car Direct)
Go for it! (Ship a Car Direct)
Outstanding experience! (Ship a Car Direct)
Car transport (Auto Transport 123)
Transported my cadlilac Ats to me.. (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Auto shipping (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Outstanding Brokers (Auto Elite Transporters )
Car shipping (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Excellent (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Heidi Schulze 360-464-1038 (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Transport car (Ship a Car Direct)
shipping my Classic Corvette (Ship a Car Direct)
Car transport (Auto Transport 123)
Great team (Guardian Auto Transport)
Great Service (Lightning Auto Carriers)
Picked up my car ASAP (Ship a Car Direct)
Excellent Service (Yellow Brick Transport)
Excellent experience (Ship a Car Direct)
Don’t Trust this Company (National Express Auto Transport)
Excellent (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Great Company (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Good experience with AmeriFreight (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Moving a Park model home (New World Auto Transport)
Q auto transport (Q Auto Transport LLC)
Late, horrible service , would not use again (West Coast Auto Transport Service Inc.)
Transport of my car from AZ to GA (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Good Experience (Ship a Car Direct)
Car was shipped without issues (Ship a Car Direct)
AmeriFreight delivers! (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Shipping my Corolla (Ship a Car Direct)
Seattle to Michigan (Ship a Car Direct)
Car shipment (Ship a Car Direct)
Car shipment (Ship a Car Direct)
Safe and Sound Stang (Safeway Car Transport LLC)
Excellent Service (DIY Transport Inc.)
Well done (Ship a Car Direct)
On schedule (Ship a Car Direct)
great service (Beam Me Up Auto Transport, Inc)
great experience (Ship a Car Direct)
Great (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
Transport of Honda Fit (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Quick & Easy (Ship a Car Direct)
Ship A Car Direct Order 673648 (Ship a Car Direct)
COD Transport (Ship a Car Direct)
Exceptional Service - No hidden fees (Transport Connection)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
Horrible experience (Upscale Auto Transport)
Great service! (Ship a Car Direct)
Car shipment (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Shipping Success for Ford Escape (Ship a Car Direct)
1966 Chevy Impala SS Convertible Transport (Godspeed Transport Inc.)
Very good customer service (Ship a Car Direct)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
Great experience (Ship a Car Direct)
last minute vehicle shipment (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Great Job (Ship a Car Direct)
Transport (Auto Transport 123)
AP123 (Auto Transport 123)
Thank You Samantha! (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
Honest Professional Service (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Great Job (United Auto Transport)
Good expericence (AutoStar Transport Express)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
First time user (Ship a Car Direct)
Absolutely Amazing! (Ship a Car Direct)
Car transport from NC to CA (Ship a Car Direct)
Great Job!! (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Amerifreight( Harry Davis) (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
New Car Delivery (Ship a Car Direct)
Great service! (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Missing Key Fobs (Upscale Auto Transport)
Convenient, On time (Ship a Car Direct)
Solid service! (Ship a Car Direct)
Great Experience (Ship a Car Direct)
Prompt and efficient service (Get it Done Transportation)
Great Service (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Excellent (DIY Transport Inc.)
I felt taken care of (Ironclad Auto Transport (NOT ACTIVE))
The Best Out There (Gold Star Transport)
Very Pleased! (Exclusive Auto Shipping)
excellent service (DIY Transport Inc.)
Car transport (Direct Express Auto Transport)
Shipped two cars (Direct Express Auto Transport)
Satisfied Repeat Customer (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Car Shipment from Florida to Virginia (Upscale Auto Transport)
Car transport (Ship a Car Direct)
Car Shipment from Florida to Virginia (Upscale Auto Transport)
Visiliy@West Coast Auto Inc (West Coast Auto Transport Inc.)
Really good service (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
great service (United Routes LLC)
5 cars (New Way Moving Services)
Excellent service, price, and communication (BWT Group LLC DBA
Transport (Auto Transport 123)
Fast, friendly, knowledgeable (Quality Car Move)
At123 (Auto Transport 123)
Heidi (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Excellent service. (Ship a Car Direct)
Josh Krantz at Ironclad delivers (Ironclad Auto Transport (NOT ACTIVE))
At123 (Auto Transport 123)
Del sol delivery (Auto Transport 123)
Would use them again (Ship a Car Direct)
My car shipping (AutoStar Transport Express)
Excellent Service and Execution (Ship a Car Direct)
Open carry from GA to KS (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
ASG (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
ship a car (Ship a Car Direct)
Auto transport (Way To Go Auto Transport LLC)
As promised! (Direct Express Auto Transport)
Great service (Ship a Car Direct)
Truck delivered quick with no issues. (Direct Express Auto Transport)
Excellent! (Ship a Car Direct)
Full and Fast Service! (AutoStar Transport Express)
DIY Transport Inc. (DIY Transport Inc.)
Five stars (Auto Transport 123)
AmeriFreight Car shipping (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Always reliable (Ship a Car Direct)
Auto transport (Ship a Car Direct)
Service above and beyond expectations (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Damaged my Vehicle (Starway Logistics LLC)
Excellent Service (Ship a Car Direct)
Car transport (Exclusive Auto Shipping)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
Good quick service (Auto Transport 123)
Awesome and extremely easy (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Shipacar (Ship a Car Direct)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
Auto transport is the best (Auto Transport 123)
Car shipment (Mercury Auto Transport)
Auto Transport Customer Service Excellence! (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
SCAM (Interamerican Auto Transport Inc.)
Superb Service (AutoVocity Transport)
vehicle transport (Direct Express Auto Transport)
8 moves (Quality Car Move)
Perfect as usual (Angels Moving Autos)
Best service (Auto Transport On Demand)
Great service at a good price (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Best shipping company period! (Angels Moving Autos)
Good experince with my shipping (Ship a Car Direct)
Good experience (Ship a Car Direct)
Transport (Direct Express Auto Transport)
Cross-country transport (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Door to door shipment to Alaska Bush (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
BMW Transport (Angels Moving Autos)
Car delivery (Direct Express Auto Transport)
JBA Experience (JBA Auto Transport)
Poor service and scammers (Eastern Pacific Logistic Services)
car shipment (Ship a Car Direct)
Great Communication (DIY Transport Inc.)
Perfect! (BWT Group LLC DBA
Great but... (Direct Express Auto Transport)
On the money (Direct Express Auto Transport)
Competitive rate and great customer service (BWT Group LLC DBA
Fast, Reliable (Transport King LLC )
Auto shipping (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Great Service! (Ship a Car Direct)
Helpful for first-time shipper (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Quick and Easy (Direct Express Auto Transport)
Transport Vehicle Cross Country (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)
Auto Transport (MoverJet Logistics)
Follow up reponse to EPLS (Eastern Pacific Logistic Services)
AWESOME (New Way Moving Services)
Car transport to Florida (Auto Transport 123)
awesome service (BWT Group LLC DBA
transport auto (Auto Transport 123)
Transport of my car (J&S Transportation)
Great service (Auto Transport 123)
Ship a car direct (Ship a Car Direct)
Recovering from another vendor (Ship a Car Direct)
Arnold Hight 360-255-7438 (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Vehicle transport (Direct Express Auto Transport)
Car Shipped (All Coast Auto Transport)
AMAZING SERVICE (New World Auto Transport)
Transported my 69 Javelin (Get it Done Transportation)
Car Transport Review (Ship a Car Direct)
Outstanding service (AutoVocity Transport)
Dont go with this company (America's Choice Auto Transport (SW Ranches, FL))
Transport of our car from Florida to Alabama (Way To Go Auto Transport LLC)
Car shipment (Direct Express Auto Transport)
Excellent Shipping Experience (Provision Auto Ship LLC)
A+ experience (Auto Shipping Group Inc.)
Jessica (Auto Transport 123)
Reliable and quality transportation (Direct Express Auto Transport)
Celeste is AMAZING (Advanced Car Shipping)
Jeep shipped CA to FL (Ship a Car Direct)
Ca to Fl (Ship a Car Direct)
this carrier picked car to deliver on 08/06 until now he didn't deliver (C&J Transport Of Ludington Michigan INC (prev. C&J Transport))
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
AT123 (Auto Transport 123)
Peace of mind auto shipping (Eagle Auto Transport)
Great costumer service (Upscale Auto Transport)
2 special vehicles (AutoStar Transport Express)
I give this company a grade of A+ (All Star Direct Auto Shipping)
Fast & convienient (AmeriFreight Car Shipping)