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Steve Submitted this review about Go Auto Movers
Review made Live: 8/9/2018 10:07:00 PM
I signed up with GO AUTO MOVERS in May to move my 2015 Dodge Challenger from Las Vegas to Massachusetts. I was quoted $920 by Ron Francescato. I provided my $200 down payment and was informed that he would be in touch with me the last week of June for my July 6th pickup. I was never contacted although I did attempt to reach Ron over 10x! I did finally get in touch with him at 8am on pickup day and he informed me that he would get back to me shortly. He never returned a call, email, text or any plea for information about my driver. The driver did in fact contact me for pickup after 6pm and arrived around 7pm. We loaded the car and off it went on July 6. It was scheduled to be delivered on July 12th but after many futile attempts to find out where my car was Ron finally replied to my plea with this on July 16th ". Since you are unhappy with the services and threats issued I have instructed finance department to issue a full refund of your deposit back to the card charged and no longer have any form of contract with you. Receipt will be issued via email." Whaaaat do I do now?? What threats? BBB threats. Where is my car?ON July 17 the driver contacted me and said my car would arrive in the AM, I did not see the driver until 11:30pm. When I went to get the vehicle I was told I owed $1200 CASH!!! I told them my contract was for $920 but they would not release my vehicle until I handed them $1200 CASH. IS this how car carriers work?I don't think so and I am warning you to STAY AWAY FROM Ron Francescato and his Go Auto Movers!I have never been screwed so badly in my entire life!! This cannot be legal!