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Robert harris Submitted this review about Passport Transport
Review made Live: 2/22/2011 11:47:00 PM
When I met Neil for the first time to schedule the pick up of my Lamborghini, he was courteous and informative. He told me my car would be picked up in the next four or five days and even showed me where the truck that would be sent to pick my car up was on his ipad. He said I would have the car in about a week after pick up.

I gave him my credit card that day and arranged the transport.

The car was over a week late being picked up (two weeks instead of four or five days). When I phoned to enquire why, I was told that the truck assigned to my car was in New mexico, heading to LA, then shooting up to Ohio to get my car. Not exactly what I was originally told by Neil.

My car was finally picked up. It then went to the Passport yard in St Louis where it sat in the truck for a week.

I have been told that my car was delayed because of, a DOT inspection, Bad Weather, the truck being in New Mexico, etc etc etc etc etc etc.

I have been told, it will be there on Monday or Tuesday, then , Tuesday or Wednesday, then Thursday or Friday, then Saturday or Sunday, then Monday or Tuesday. After several complaints, Neil, the President of the company said that he would "make things right for me". In his last email he said he would have Ed from his company contact me and give me the exact date of delivery. Then, he would follow up with a call to me.

Ed did contact me and said that he would have the car in my location for my choice of Wed, Thursday, or Friday (23, 24, or 25 Feb). What a relief! Not really...... It is now Tuesday at 9:39 Pm and my car is still, according to their tracking system, is still just north of Chicago. There is no way it will make it to Western US any time soon.

When I phoned today to complain I was told by Ed that "we must have a miscommunication"

Yes, we do. They are not telling me the truth and are not coming through with their contractual obligations as they indicated they would.

So, who knows when my car will arrive. About 5 times now I have arranged sitters for my daughter to go pick up the car (4 hour drive to the border), I have made work arrangements, and have scheduled a friend to pull my car hauler to the border.

Incidentally, Passports online tracking code was not given to me until just a few days ago (despite numerous requests).

I am not impressed with this company. It is bad business and, Passport, if you are listening, here is why. The car community is small. Aside from my own future business (which you have now lost), You will not get any recommendations from me. And I know alot of people with expensive cars that need to get around.

So, had you been up front with me in the beginning, you would have had a loyal customer and future business. Instead, you have a disgruntled customer, and short of you performing a miracle, will not get my future business or recommendation.

Pretty poor way to secure your longevity when the economy is in a bad state. Don't you think?