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Excellent experience with collector car delivery by Passport Transport

Aric Anderson Submitted this review about Passport Transport
Review made Live: 11/6/2017 2:28:00 PM
I worked with John Scharff for the transport of a collector vehicle I had purchased via an online auction. John gave me a reasonable quote for enclosed transport. He answered all of my questions and was quick to send me tracking information once the vehicle was loaded so that I could track the progress all the way from NY to FL.
The driver was very courteous and competent to ensure that all went smoothly. He took great care to make sure that the vehicle arrived very clean. Passport uses plastic between levels inside their trucks so that no oils or liquids can drip from one vehicle onto anything loaded below. Passport also protects seats and interior surfaces with plastic so that there is no possibility that they will get your vehicle dirty while loading and unloading.
My vehicle was the last vehicle to be unloaded on a N to S run. I could view the length of the interior of Passport's truck - it was spotless!
I have shipped a vehicle S to N once using an open truck with a different company. That vehicle was damaged during the loading process even though it was an average 4 door sedan with factory ground clearance. Passport uses a tailgate elevator instead of the typical ramps that are used on open transport trucks so that ground clearance is not an issue. In my opinion, going with an enclosed truck is worth the extra money to ensure that your vehicle arrives clean and unharmed. I cannot recommend Passport's service highly enough. I am very, very pleased. A big thank you to sales representative John Scharff, driver Dave, and to the rest of the team at Passport Transport!