Shipping a pick-up across country

Pam Flynt Tambo Submitted this review about AmeriFreight Car Shipping
Review made Live: 5/1/2013 7:29:00 PM
When we decided we no longer needed our 22 year old pick-up truck we thought of sending it to our son on the east coast. As we looked into shipping it across country we were cautioned about all kinds of problems that might occur in the process. We researched brokers and shippers and one broker seemed to stand out in the reviews: AmeriFreight.

We contacted their west coast office and found their staff (Bob Turner) very helpful. We discussed pricing options and some of the factors that might make it difficult to get a shipper to sign on. We completed the contract through emails and telephone contact. Fortunately our proposal was accepted within 24 hours and we were able to ship within a week of our initial contact with the broker.

We met the driver and felt he was competent and capable. The weather was getting a little better for cross country travel. Our little truck arrived on the east coast within 2 days of the estimated date and appears to be in the same shape as we sent it. Just in time for our son’s birthday—perfect for hauling stuff around as a do-it-yourself homeowner.