Dishonest and abusive

Ben WIlson Submitted this review about A to Z Auto Shipping
Review made Live: 8/16/2019 9:54:00 AM
I have several complaints about this shipping company. The service was terrible, the customer representatives were either rude or unknowledgeable, and most disturbingly, the driver of the truck physically assaulted me in a remote parking lot. We were quoted a 7 – 10 day shipping window, our car was delivered on day 22. Throughout the time between, we were lied to on a near daily basis about the status of our shipment. We were constantly told that our calls would be returned, but they rarely followed through. Toward the end of the waiting time, we were told on a Friday morning that our car would be delivered on Saturday. Later that day we were told the car would be delivered on Monday. On Monday, we were then told the car would be delivered late Monday or early Tuesday. Later on Monday, we were told the car would be delivered between 2 – 4 on Tuesday. On Tuesday we were told it would be between 4 – 6. The driver finally arrived around 6:30. For our trouble, the acted like they were doing us a huge favor by discounting the shipment by a measly 100 dollars. When the car finally arrived, the driver was not skilled enough to get the truck to our house (even though a much larger United van was able to 2 weeks earlier without a problem), so we had to meet him in an unpopulated parking lot. At this point, the situation took a much worse turn. The driver began by cussing us out because it was difficult for him to find a drop off point (not our problem he can’t drive a truck). Then, the 100 dollars discount we were promised was not on the form and several phone calls had to be made. Then, the driver demanded a cash payment. This was not what we agreed to (see previous reviews for this common complaint) when we made the reservation. We were told very specially that they could process a credit card payment as they did for our initial payment. After talking to several people, it became clear that they could process the credit card but were unwilling to do so. I suspect this is a scam meant to force people into a storage fee. I stayed behind with the car while my wife went to get cash. While waiting, the driver continued to harass and cuss at me over the grave inconvenience done to him in the process. At one point, he decided he was done waiting and was going to put our car in storage. This was unacceptable, I got into the car and told him forcefully to stop. This angered the driver. He pushed me while we were in the car, he then got out of the car and threatened to “beat the f out of me”. He then shoved me again and attempted to close the door on me. Luckily for me, he was rather old and out of shape and posed no real physical threat. I would have filed a police report, but I didn’t want to spend any more time dealing with these people. At this point, you would think an apology or refund would be due, but no.*

Company Response
Andrea from A to Z Auto Shipping Submitted this response.
Response Date: 8/19/2019 6:23:00 PM
Just to begin...We have an excellent reputation. We've been in business for almost 25 years and are referred by the the Moving & Storage Industry Nationwide. We do not advertise because at this point, referrals and repeat customers keep us in business. We are respected in the industry and care about our clients. Due to mechanical issues, it is true that it took 20 days for delivery..During that time, we spoke to Mr. Wilson and his wife on a regular basis. There were times where expected delivery dates were given but delays kept on recurring. Due to that, the Carrier offered a $100 discount. When the vehicle was delivering, the customer demanded to put the COD on the credit card because they said they didn't have the Cash or Cashiers Check, even thought the terms of the COD is clearly marked on the Contract, "CASH OR CASHIER CHECK MADE PAYBLE TO CARRIER ONLY"....They were also reminded by the Carrier repeatedly that payment due on delivery was Cash or Cashiers Check...They claimed that we told them that they could pay by credit card on delivery...We would NEVER say that. Sometimes, due to a 3 hour time difference, cars deliver when we are not in the office to process a credit card. I was on the phone with Mrs. Wilson and the Dispatcher, who was on the phone with the driver...all were aware of the $100 discount. The customer said they could not get the cash, then they could get half the cash, then they could get almost the cash due....They were being dishonest. The did at the end have the Cash. The driver was frustated since he was there quite a while, the customer had 20 days to get their money together and was abusive to him....But the driver never got physically abusive...He just wanted to get paid and be on his way. In regard to delivery, a Moving Van is enclosed. A Car Carrier is open and drivers have to be careful not to go in areas where there are low hanging trees, telephone wires, narrow streets, etc. It is why they sometimes ask to meet a convenience, safe alternate area.. Mr. Wilson's vehicle was delivered very near to his residence, damage free and 6 days later than expected due to mechanical difficulties, where he was given a $100 discount for his inconvenience.