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Horrible Customer Service

Pablo Caraballo Submitted this review about Stars & Stripes Transportation
Review made Live: 6/6/2017 3:11:00 PM
STAY AWAY! MOST RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL, and UNPROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES I have ever dealt with in my life, especially "Larry and Alex". Perhaps it is okay if you don't make any changes to the scheduled pick-up date or plan, or if you're willing to pay for what was not stipulated on the order confirmation, nor they ever stated verbally during the initial service order. After not getting the e-mails reflecting the new date from "Larry, Alex, Anthony, and Bruce", I called the next morning to cancel my order. At this point, I no longer trusted this company. After numerous transfers and hung ups, I was able to speak to a manager, "Larry", and he was the worst. Upon my request, he stated that my credit card would not be charged and that I would receive an e-mail in the "next 15 minutes" confirming the cancellation. He lied, just like "Alex" did. Additionally, he insulted me several times stating that I was "playing games" that "we are grown ups", and that "this company was not interested in doing business WITH PEOPLE LIKE YOU", and hung up the phone. I live in Oklahoma, and as in anywhere else, he can deny business, however, telling someone "people like you" is an insult that can easily be taken out of context. Then, he, "Larry" continued to talk over me and accused me of harassing the company with phone calls, when I was only demanding (they had my credit card information) the e-mail confirming that my order was cancelled, which they promised to do- "I am sending you the cancellation information to your e-mail right now". I told Larry that I was typing a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Finally, I received the e-mail confirmation and a long rant by "Larry" on how I "wasted their time", and that they "had a job"- I guess he thinks they're the only ones with a job. I asked "Larry" for his owner's or his supervisor's contact information and he denied my request. I do not know if this company has branches in several cities, but the Miami, FL crew needs assistance in learning proper customer service and managing skills. I can only hope now to find a different company that truly wants to earn my business and would know how to properly handle any issues.