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Kaiya Submitted this review about South Beach Transport
Review made Live: 3/18/2014 2:55:00 PM
They were nice at first. Told me that if I needed anything to call them anytime of day or night. My car needed to be shipped from Florida to Washington State which was going to cost $1170 and take 10 days. They advertise no deposit, I was told that I had to pay a deposit of $130 + an additional $50 paid to the driver for adverse weather conditions before they even pick up the car. The car was picked up at my parents house in Florida on 24 Feb 14 and would leave from there. That wasn't the case. I was told that my car sat at SBT lot for 3 days because their dispatcher quit, so they were unable to get the cars out on time. I was never given any contact information about the Driver/Carrier who had my car until it was 3 days late from being dropped off. SBT did not contact me I had to call them. I called the driver/carrier and he kept giving me the run around about where he was, how long it was going to take. I just wanted a time frame so I could arrange a way to get to the drop off location (my parents house here in Washington) which I provided the address to SBT on my contract. When the driver finally reached WA State he wanted me to be at the location at Midnight. I told him that it wasn't happening. Then he asked if I was paying him in cash because he needed money. I told him I know what/how I am supposed to pay him. He asked if he could drive the car to me but then told me that I would have to give him a ride back to his hotel. I told him that it's not happening. Then he said ok tomorrow morning at 8am. I agreed to 8 am. He calls me back at 11:22 pm and tells me that he is at his hotel and that I needed to come get my car. "No" SBT states door-to-door service. He then got mad and said Fine tomorrow at 8 am! I arranged for a friend/co-worker to pick me up and take me over to the drop off location at 8 am and of course he was not there. I called him and he was sleep. I asked why he was not there like we agreed. And he gave me a BS story. Come to find out that he was at a hotel which was an hour away. He would have had to pass by the drop off location city to get to the city that he was in. I called SBT and told them everything. Them made it seem like they cared, but they didn't. I kept hearing, we're so sorry, we don't do business like that, we'll have a supervisor call you. No one ever call. They got there money so they didn't care. To make a long story short. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH SOUTH BEACH TRANSPORT!!!