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Worst customer service

Not satisfied customer Submitted this review about SVP Auto Shipping
Review made Live: 8/14/2019 10:09:00 PM
I have never written a customer review, however the terrible service I received at SVP Auto Moving has prompted me to write my first ever review in the hopes that I can help other people avoid the problems that I have had.   Upon signing the contract and contacting the owner of the company/ salesperson, I was told that it would take 14-17days for my car to be transported from Alberta and in my possession. Unfortunately, the timeline that I was given was very disingenuous as it took 6 full weeks for the car to be transported to New Brunswick. I understand that transportation is not an exact science and that the timeline is a ballpark estimate, but I found out that the car was just sitting in a storage area in Montreal for three full weeks. It was incredibly frustrating knowing that my vehicle was merely hours away but that SVP was not taking any action to meet the 14-17-day obligation that was written in the contract. I repeatedly contacted him and asked for an update and every time he was unapologetic and would keep telling me “it’s on the way” or “it is leaving next week”. It became apparent to me that they had no real power and that they were at the mercy of their sub-contractors who they hire to move the vehicles from city to city.   The delay in the delivery is only half of the story. I do admit that there was some minor damage on the front bumper of my vehicle. However, after finally receiving my vehicle I noticed that there were additional new deep scratches all along the front bumper of the vehicle. I brought this up with him but he just kept showing me before pictures of the original scratches saying that the damage was pre-existing. When I showed him the pictures of the vehicle after the transport and pointed out the very obvious new scratches, he became very rude, belligerent and unprofessional. Eventually he stopped responding to my queries and quoted the fine print in the contract stating that all damage must be reported within 12 hours. This was extremely disappointing especially considering how dirty the car was after 6 weeks in their possession. Unfortunately, because SVP is such a small company there is no where else to turn once the owner refuses to respond to your emails. This results in the worst customer service that I have dealt with in any industry.   This is why I wanted to write this review – to warn people of the disingenuous and unprofessional behaviour at SVP Auto Moving. Not only was my car delivery delayed with no good excuse – they had also managed to damage my car and did not take any responsibility for their actions. Avoid at all costs.

Company Response
Stephen Burley from SVP Auto Shipping Submitted this response.
Response Date: 8/28/2019 5:14:00 PM
As per the claims that have been mentioned are completely not true. Photos of the owner's vehicle were taken when the vehicle was picked up along with condition reports that were made during shipping showing the damage to the vehicle the owner is stating. When the vehicle arrived at the pick up location they were advised that it had arrived, and could pick up the vehicle during office hours. They came into the compound after hours (on a weekend) without notifying the compound office, and removed their vehicle without checking it out properly. Therefore, as the photos / condition reports proved the damage was there when it was originally picked up, they removed the vehicle form the compound after hours, their vehicle was over loaded with personal items (not allowed as per the signed contracted, and notified us 72 hours after removing their vehicle (did not contact us within 12 hours, as per the signed contract), the Claims Department rejected their claim. Management