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Val McCray Submitted this review about Direct Express Auto Transport
Review made Live: 10/1/2010 1:19:00 PM
I ordered my car to be picked up on line on sunday night and that evening got a call from Direct Express auto transport saying it had been assigned to a carrier. The next day the carrier called
and asked if they could pick up the vehicle, and they did at 1pm that afternoon. I asked how long before the car would be in Azorina and they said next week, I thought it would be on Monday or Tuesday but it did arive on Wednesday The car was a little dirty but you have to expect that when it is in the front and it is going so far.
the price I paid was $725.00 and I don't believe I could have driven the car out and flew back with gas and hotel stay.
The driver was very nice and I asked how many time are they going to off load my car and reloadit and he assured me wounce the car was loaded it was there for the diration and that seemed to be true.
I would recemend and use Direct Express Auto Transport again
Val McCray