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Auto Transporters Options For Dealing With A Review
First, please know that it is NOT the purpose to Transport Reviews to determine who is telling the truth and who is lying. Sending us documents or swearing that the review has lies in it will not allow us to remove a review.

Contact The Reviewer

Companies should address their concerns with the reviewer directly as they are solely responsible for the content of their review. The reviewer has the option to modify or remove their review at any time, without action required by Transport Reviews.

This means that your primary action when dealing with a review that you disagree with is to contact the reviewer directly.

Respond To The Review

The second option that you have as a company is to respond to the review. Responding to the review will allow you to publically share your side of the story, if you choose to.

Information on how to respond to a customer review can be found here. How to respond to a customer review.

Other Options

  • If the reviewer is not your customer you can run the non-customer review process. Information is available on the Non Customer Review Process company page.
  • While we do NOT advocate pursuing the legal road we do want to let you know that under the Communications Decency Act the reviewer is solely responsible for the content of their review. Transport Reviews.com can not be held responsible.

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