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How do I reply to a customer review?

How do I setup a user account? I want to Reply to a review.



Auto Transport Companies can follow these instructions to respond to customer reviews on Transport Review

To respond to reviews your company must first have an auto transport company user account.

Once you have a company account, follow these instructions to respond to a customer review.

  1. Log into your company account at:  https://manage.transportreviews.com/
  2. Click on the link for Review Tools or Respond to Reviews.Image title
  3. The link will bring up the Review Tools.  Here you will have two options to find the review you need to manage.Image title
    1. Recent Reviews - The lower section shows your most recent reviews.  If you see the review click Respond to bring up options for that review.
    2. Search For Review By Date - If the review you wish to respond to does not appear you will need to search for it by date. Change the Start Date to the day before the day the review was posted and the End date to the day after.  Click view.

      This will bring up the review with the Respond button.  Click Respond.

  4. Now you are viewing your options for managing the selected review.  It will look like the below screen.Image titleTo respond to the review simply fill in the Company Response box at the bottom of the review and click Submit Response. Your respond will be immediately visible.

NOTE: The form times out after about 10 minutes. If you are composing a long response we recommend you type it seperately and then copy and paste it into the response.

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