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Kat Submitted this review about Westlake Logistics LLC
Review made Live: 1/17/2018 9:03:00 AM
PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! I gave them over a month of notice for shipping my car from California to Washington D.C. I paid the 200 dollar deposit a month in adavance. Two days prior to the expected shipment date I called and they still had not arranged a driver for my vehicle. Then when I asked why was the process taking so long, when I had given them a months notice, they responded that they had just started looking for a driver. The day before the expected ship date, they still hadn't arranged a driver and told me they wouldn't be able to ship it on the date requested. I called the company over and over again, but the representive wouldn't answer my phone calls and would only respond via text. When I demanded my deposit back and told them I didn't want their service anymore, they texted "k, bye". I couldn't believe the level of incompetence and disrespect from this company. I ended up getting my car shipped my another company that was able to arrange shipment in 2 days and for almost the same price with no problem at all. Westlake Shipping is a disgrace and I don't know how they are still in business.