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Patrick M Submitted this review about Westlake Logistics LLC
Review made Live: 12/7/2017 1:58:00 PM
I will give Westlake Logistics a 3+ rating because the vehicle did get delivered, the driver was courteous and accommodating and the price only went up $50 from the quote of $850.00
I must state that the dispatcher does NOT seem invested in the process. She was very nonchalant about the car not getting picked up. She was hard to communicate with and gave only short non committal answers.
Customers need to understand that Westlake is a freight "Broker" not a trucking company. They post the auto on a freight board and "HOPE" someone will take the job for the price and they keep a small commission. If you are hauling from a large city to a large city you will have better luck than I. I shipped from Detroit to a small town in New Mexico. Westlake couldn't get anyone to haul it so I recommended sending it to Albuquerque and I could get it from there. That worked "BUT" Westlake wanted to raise the price $100 from the original price and I quoted the contract and Westlake gets the "+" in this review because they did abide by the quote of $900.00 and I did get my car, albeit, 200 miles away in Albuquerque.
I do this type of auto shipping quite often, usually not so far a distance, but if you know going in what the obstacles might be, you can plan accordingly.