Stranded Box Truck

Diana Submitted this review about We Will Transport It Corp
Review made Live: 2/23/2021 1:20:00 PM
had purchased a box truck from and an auction in New York to be delivered to Colorado. During the drive it became stranded in Ohio. For over two months I tried desperately to find a company that would transport at a reasonable price. I was so disappointed in the many companies I tried to get help from. They were either unwilling or wanted to charge tens of thousand of dollars to help me. Some companies wanted my credit card and personal info without having a conversation with me. I was even told to sell the truck where it was and cut my losses. I was so discouraged and afraid I might get scammed. As a retired educator, my experience in logistics and transportation is limited to say the least. After many weeks of no return phone calls or no email responses I tried one more company, WE WILL TRANSPORT IT. To my delight, after speaking with Mr. Rocky, I not only felt encouraged I felt empowered. His knowledge of the transport process was vast. He not only told me what to watch out for (which I had already experienced), but he also gave me a price that was EXTREMELY reasonable. I honestly fell he was able to do that because of his experience and knowledge of all aspect of the transport business. From drivers, to distance to weight to most cost effective transport options (as you see I have really learned a lot. lol) The total process took less than 3 days for a third of the cost most transport companies "quoted" me. The entire team at WE WILL TRANSPORT IT was professional, honest and timely. You made an unbearable situation bearable. Thank you so much for your help and support. I'll never forget your kindness and I will be sure to pay it forward. May God bless you............Diana in Denver P.S. Sorry for the long post