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Worst customer service/ business professionalism EVER!

BobbiLyn Submitted this review about Universal Transport LLC
Review made Live: 5/2/2013 3:37:00 PM
I got a quote in early February for $650 including deposit to get my 2002 Jetta from CA to ND. I then paid the deposit of $200 and was told I'd get a call when the car was to be shipped. I got a call a few weeks later saying instead of the quoted and agreed upon $650 total it would actually be $1000 total and that to get my car shipped I would need to pay a driver $850-$1000 which was way over what I was quoted. I then said I understood being misquoted but by that much I felt was ridiculous so I agreed to pay no more that $850 total. I never got a call back and when I called over 20 times in the past few months I've got one answer...the finance department will decide if they want to refund my deposit or not and will give me a call. Well it's almost May now so I've been out my $200 for 3 months and nothing had been resolved. Sandy answered mid March and when I told her if the situation she told me to hold on and hung up on me. I can't get any type if answer unless I block my number. I spoke with Robert at extension 811 on April 15 and he apparently spoke with the manager Jay whom is never available to speak with me but told Ribert it would be taken care of. I spoke with Robert again today and when I asked him to CC me in the email he would supposedly send to the finance department he didn't understand what that was and responded quite disrespectfully with "what part of they will call you do you not understand? You are just one customer we have tons of people to deal with and you're wasting my time by keeping me on the phone with you!" Well I decided to see if other people had this priblem and what I found was both disturbing and relieving. The BBB gives them an F and says this problem is extremely frequent. Here's the link: http://www.bbb.org/south-east-florida/business-reviews/automobile-transport-referrals-quotes/universal-transport-in-north-miami-fl-90056621 DO NIT USE THIS COMPANY THEY WILL TAKE YOUR DEPOSIT SND THEN RAISE THE PRICE OF TGE ORIGINAL QUITE AND WHEN YOU THEN WANT YOUR DEPOSIT BACK THEY KERP IT. My fiancé and I spoke about this and it's a pretty clever scam they have going...they sure as hell got my $200 for absolutely no service and nothing but the runaround and rude unprofessional staff. Don't let this happen to you!!!