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Sandra Submitted this review about Ultimate Transport 123
Review made Live: 9/16/2020 9:35:00 PM
My first and worst experience ever having a car shipped. I started inquiring with several companies to have my car shipped from Fl to Ca. I started receiving multiple quotes via texts and emails. I felt like I had connected with a lady from, and her name is Sandy. She was nice at first when she was trying to make the sale, and then later started to be very unfriendly. I told her about my other quotes and she wanted me to read all the reviews before making a decision with another company. They also advertise they will beat competitors prices, but when asked about it, she would tell me they are not a good or reputable company and therefore would not honor a lower price. She also text me and said they were the "direct carrier" and I later found out after I signed up with them, they are not the direct carrier. I wanted the car delivered on a certain day since I was flying to Ca and wouldn't have a car until my car got delivered and she told me they cant guarantee a certain day when car would be delivered. I told her I cant do that because I need a guarantee of when my car will be in Ca. She then said, she will put it in contract my car has to be in Ca on a specific day, but not before I arrive from the airport. I asked for Sept 6 after 4 pm, and she guaranteed a driver cant do the delivery unless he can work under those terms, otherwise he or she wont be able to make the delivery. I was also told the car would be picked up at the address I give and delivered to the address I give. Before signing the contract, I was told there would be a 250.00 deposit and then I would pay the rest to the driver. I then felt comfortable and went ahead and signed my contract. After that, she then gave my an eight hundred number to call if i have any future problems. Later on, my credit card was charged 275.00 for a deposit and I did not approve that amount when talking to Sandy, nor was that ever mentioned in a conversation. I tried emailing Sandy and calling and she ignored my messages. I then called the cutomer service number and text them, and one person said they were supposed to charge me 225, and then someone said they cant refund my money and then someone else said they can. Another person told me to take it off the drivers money, and another said I cant do that. I also later found out the company is not the direct carrier, they post jobs like all of the others that she was putting down. I then was contacted by a driver and when talking to him, he said there is no way they can guarantee a specific delivery date, and then customer service told me the same. The driver also told me it would be picked up on a wednesday, but later they wanted to change it to that friday which was the next day. I told company what Sandy had originally told me, and they told me they cant honor that because drivers run into problems sometimes. Another driver ended up texting me and I told him car cant be picked up until I get my refund from my deposit. The company finally called me and I told them I will not let a driver pick up my car until I get a refund. I finally got a refund and had to wait for almost four days until it went through. The driver then contacted me and told me he cant pick my car up at my house because he is in a big truck I told him that was the contract deal. He would not come to my house to pick it up, and then I had to find someone to follow out to a busy road that was convenient for the driver. I was also told once it goes on the truck, it never comes off until delivery. After meeting the driver he put my car on, and said it will come back off the trailer again because he has to move the cars the order they get delivered. He also told me he cant guarantee my car being there on Sept 6. I then had to book a rental car, in case my car would not be there like promised. After texting the driver on Friday, he told me my car would be here on sat Sept 5, which would be a day early. I told him I would not be in Ca, and he said he has no choice. I told him I have noone to receive the car. On sat, when I thought the car was getting delivered, based off his message that friday, he then told me car wont be delivered til that Sunday, which was perfect for me because day originally supposed to be delivered. The driver then text me SAt am to let me know he would deliver my car on Sunday, but I need to meet him at a location that he gave me an address to. I told him that was not the original plan, my car is supposed to be delivered to what is on the address. I told him I had not car and nobody to take me to meet him. His response was "omg". He finally agreed to meeting me at the place supposed to be delivered in the first place. I was so upset going through all of this from start to finish. All I am saying is do your homework and definitely shop around before going with this company. Alot of different stories, lack of communication, charges not being approved, etc