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Car was dropped off with damage

Michael Hagen Submitted this review about US Canada Auto Transport
Review made Live: 6/12/2019 8:27:00 PM
Was told the driver would contact me before delivery. He called me 20 minutes before delivery. I left a meeting and told him I was on the way, he said he was in a hurry, dropped it off, and left. He made the odd comment that he took pictures of the damage. The vehicle had no damage on the listing pictures, so I found that comment to be unusual. The damage report sent to me by the trucking company stated there was NO damage and was signed by the dealer and driver yet a picture was taken at the dealer of damage? The drivers behavior was suspicious; normally when a vehicle is shipped you are asked to sign off upon receipt. I used this company before with no issues, I would have to think about using them again; it's a lot of money to ship something and a crap shoot. I was really disappointed that after I pointed out to Selwyn that the report stated "no inspection damage markings" and only refers to some pictures. The pictures do not correlate to the remarks on the report. There is no way to tie the pictures to the report, for all I know the car was damaged after the inspection by the dealer and the pictures were added later since the report referencing the pictures is not time stamped to match the pictures