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Terrible experience and customer service

Amy Submitted this review about Trevino Trucking
Review made Live: 11/27/2016 6:12:00 PM
I was very unhappy with the service that Trevino Trucking provided. The driver was a day late picking up my vehicle from the dealership out of state, and the company did not bother to notify me. I had to call them repeatedly for updates. Cindy told me multiple times, "I will call you tomorrow morning" and then did not call, so I had to call her. I was told different arrival dates several times and the transport time took TWICE as long as I was told it would when I scheduled the pick up. Two of their trucks had problems, the first one broke down and so was a day late picking up my vehicle (again, I was never notified and found out a few days later when I called to check on the delivery status), and they were unable to deliver my vehicle on the dte last told to me as they were unable to get it off of the truck due to a hydraulic lift problem at their previous stop just 3 hours away. Then they wanted to deliver it late in the day 2 days later when it was actually dark outside. I refused and told them they would need to wait until the next morning so we could inspect the vehicle. On the day that it finally arrived I drove down the hill from my house at about 6:40 in the morning on my way to work and passed the delivery truck with my vehicle on it. I had paid to have my vehicle hauled in a CLOSED trailer. It was an OPEN trailer, not closed. Then my husband told me that when the driver delivered it to our house just after 07:00 that morning he had taken it off of the trailer down the hill outside of our neighborhood and driven it to our house.
I would not have written such a negative review had they at least offered some money off for all of the delays and lack of communication and the fact that I paid for a closed trailer and the car arrived on an open trailer. Also, Cindy told us that we could pay COD but then she charged my husband's credit card before the vehicle was even delivered. At least I can say that there was no damage noted to the vehicle but it is unfortunate that they have such poor customer service.