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Inflexible and Rude

Paul Thomas Submitted this review about Superior Auto Transport
Review made Live: 5/16/2019 9:09:00 PM
I spoke with Aiden about transporting my car from Ohio to Texas. A previous attempt at purchasing this same type of car resulted in the car being damaged during delivery. Aiden's company came recommended by the dealership from where I was purchasing the car. We agreed to do an open transport. When the transport came to pick up the car, the dealership called me and strongly encouraged me to go with an enclosed transport in order to ensure the car will be delivered clean and with the paint completely intact. The driver also shared this same concern with taking the car. I called Aiden's scheduler Michelle back and asked to reschedule with an enclosed transport. She told me after a few minutes that Aiden told her to tell me to call the dealership and ask for another transport recommendation. When I called the dealership they told me that they would talk to Aiden. After a couple hours Aiden texted me back and said that he would get an enclosed transport scheduled for me on Monday (This was Saturday). Monday rolled around and mid-day I texted Aiden asking if he had any luck finding a transport. His response was "not as of yet". That was the last I heard from Aiden. Even the dealership tried to get a hold of Aiden without any luck. After another day I went with another shipper the dealership recommended. It would have been easier and faster for Aiden to simply tell me he was no longer interested in my business than to have me think he was looking around for me to ship my car when in fact he had no plans to do so. I find his reaction to my wanting to reschedule my car transport to improve the safety of the delivery very rude and immature. Zero customer service. His prices are also not competitive and you can get a better deal just asking a transport agent to put your transport out for bid. Not worth the time in my opinion.