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took my car for joy ride

quan z. Submitted this review about Starway Logistics LLC
Review made Live: 12/6/2017 5:22:00 PM
Would not use Starway Logistics LLC again. Giving it 2 stars because the company did compensate for the mishandling of the car. I used Auto Shipping Group (which was a responsive broker connecting me to Starway as the actual transporter), they rescheduled me to after the initial transporter wasn't going to make the time. My car was shipped from CA to PA, upon arrive there were evidence of a joy ride- 70 some miles of unexplained mileage, mud over the wheels and fenders, dust covering engine interior and cabin smelling like a combo of dirt and engine grease. mind you this is my mint condition 2014 roadster that never sees dirt. Auto Shipping Group contacted Starway and eventually I got 100$ (shipping cost was ~700) credit. Not really worth my time as interior detailing (to rid the smell) would be 70$ easy, car wash added to the mileage plus losing your day to take care of this easily cost me more.

again, would not use in future. lowest star for terrible experience given by the untrustworthy driver, +1 star for prompt handling of the aftermath by Starway Logistics.

p.s. driver nick marked all sides of car as having 'minor scratches' prior to loading, despite only 1 minor scratch on front bumper. this way they can claim no responsibility when your car actually gets scratched in transport.