Steve Novak Submitted this review about Ship a Car Direct
Review made Live: 6/3/2017 10:25:00 AM
This transaction took place over the Memorial weekend. I gave this company 4 day's notice.I told them the car was not running. The communication was good at the beginning. When they call the gentleman where the car was being picked up, they acted like they did not know the car was not running. I sent him a copy of the shipping order showing him the it showed that the car was not running.I had a shipping date which was the 27th . David called me and informed me that the shippers wench broke.So the company had to find another shipper. The gentleman who has possession of the car, called me and told me that a shipper had called him and was going to pick up the car up on Saturday. David had not called me with a new shipper ID. I had to call David and leave a message wonder what was going on. They returned my call and did confirm that the driver was one of theirs and the car was to be picked up on Saturday. The driver got caught up in the Memorial traffic and missed the pick up date Understandable. The car was picked up on Sunday at 8:00PM. The drive from Connecticut to my home was 17 hrs. So I figured I would have the car by late Tuesday The driver told me I would have the car here by 12:00 PM on Wednesday, I thought that was excessive. A 17 hr drive takes 3 1/2 days?? All being said the car did arrive late but safely.