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John Kettling Submitted this review about Rock Bottom Rate Auto Transport
Review made Live: 7/22/2015 11:40:00 AM
Let me give it to you straight. The transport industry is really messed up. Where the dispatchers really earn their pay is trying to work around what is essentially a bidding war for the services of a hauler, something the consumer probably doesn't know about. Quotes are meaningless. It's just an opening bid. At least my dispatcher was honest enough to finally tell me that at the economy rate I probably wouldn't get a hauler any time soon. The trucks know from the load board what other trucks charge, and domestic prices move up and down accordingly, which is price collusion. Don't blame the truckers. It's an industry problem. Note the article on DOT investigation of price collusion in international car shipping. Now it's happening domestically. Honestly, I waiting an awfully long time to get a truck, but that's because I held on too long to the economy price. I didn't know anything about overly visible load boards or anything like that. With a little polite nudge from my dispatcher, I abandoned the economy "bid" and pushed up to what I thought was the high end. ALAS! A truck appeared. Consumer should know that some trucks only have small 3 car trailers, not the 18 wheel thing with 8 cars. That was my experience. That's why the $1000 price. It makes sense (now). The hauler I ended up with was totally fabulous, even a bit creative since my car was on non op and had a locked brake. One other point. I asked on line for 8 quotes. What I got was 72 quotes and 123 messages. 69 out of 72 quotes were essentially the same. I chose Rock Bottom because they had different levels of service at different prices. I note that Rock Bottom always answered or returned my calls and we were able to keep an honest on-going discussion about what was happening with my order. I would use Rock Bottom again. Lesson learned - don't blame your dispatcher for a messed up industry. I offered to give this review, there was no incentive.

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Response Date: 7/23/2015 1:21:00 PM