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Underbid and Questionable

Adrian Submitted this review about Rock Bottom Rate Auto Transport
Review made Live: 5/2/2013 4:42:00 PM
Be careful dealing with this company. I read the good reviews and thought I would be safe going with them. Unlike most of the other transport brokers, requires an upfront deposit. From this deposit he attempts to keep a broker fee even though he does not meet his guarantee. I will add personal opinion here, but this appears to be dishonest. He can underbid, take your business and when he fails to meet his end of the contract, he still makes money for really doing nothing. At best, he is not knowledgeable of seasonal variations for this area and underbid, or at worst he underbids knowing that he will keep the money and you either have to deal with him and wait forever, raise the money you are willing to pay or cancel and lose the fee. In this case, he guaranteed service of 14 business days. After the time expired, he refused to answer questions directly and would just repeat references to the contract. I will take blame for not paying enough attention that he would keep a $49 broker fee no matter the outcome. Most other brokers only charge when they successfully contract for you. That should have let me realize there was something wrong with this company. As the final straw for me, I emailed and said I would make a call to the BBB and submit appropriate reviews and this is the email he sent back:

From: RBRT Auto Transport [mailto:info@rockbottomratetransport.com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 01, 2013 16:10
To: *******
Subject: RE: Order #2019 Invoice from Rock Bottom Rate Transport, LLC.

not the BBB - that results in a zero ($0.0) refund sir; we issued your due refund, thank you and advise if you wish to re activate the order, you have 3 options, 1. wait as quoted, 2. raise COD, 3. cancel, thank you and best regards