2004 Victory Touring Cruiser Ohio to Missouri.

Michael McKenzie Submitted this review about National Auto Shipping
Review made Live: 12/19/2017 10:55:00 PM
Hello All,
This has been a positive experience for me and my possession new to me. Let me start by saying I have had a transport experience that was far from acceptable prior to this experience. So I started this experience with much apprehension. Many was confident and positive at first contact. When delay in pickup due to paperwork process with the dealer extended I sensed an air of apprehension from the contacts at National Auto Shipping. Nevertheless once the pick up date was set what transpired turned out positive. The driver was delayed in traffic in Pennsylvania and had asked the dealer that the vehicle be left outside for his pickup ( when the dealer then called and run this by me I replied absolutely not),and the dealer speaks of some disconcerting conversations with the driver from the salesperson who I had dealt with. Let me say that the salesperson (ROY) had my back as did the dealership(JohnnyK's Indian). I checked back mid-morning or mid-day the following day and the salesperson confirmed with me that the vehicle had been picked up mid-morning, I believe. At this juncture I was still uncertain about the integrity of the driver. I had not had contact with him at this point. Late afternoon I received a call from the driver himself, questioning would I prefer the delivery this evening around midnight or tomorrow morning. I let the driver know I would prefer the vehicle sooner than later if he was up to it. But that it was his decision to make as far as seat time. He replied he was and that he was about 550 miles out at that point. I felt I may have possibly been partially at fault for a delay in his schedule. He showed up right on time. He drove a beautiful late model Mercedes van with several bikes inside, all covered and secured properly. The driver, my boy and myself winched it out backwards down a ramp perfectly. I think the key was his and our experience with this type of experience. I have hauled motorcycles, atvs, snowmobiles, autos, furniture, lumber, wood, etc., either by open trailer or pickup all my adult life with only a few mishaps(handful or less) I can recall, none where anyone was hurt and only my own property the worse for wear. The vehicle was unaffected by the transport and moved in quick order. The driver was frank and polite and informative and also with a large sense of urgency to be on his way.I am so thankful that this move came off without much apprehension, and ended 100% positive. Our experience was positive and successful in the end. The expediency was brilliant. The contact was professional and courteous as well as timely. Mind you most of it was instigated by myself. I feel that my contact at and the dealership also played a very positive part in the success of this move. I had been open with Many that I had experienced a very poor transport in the past from the beginning of our dealings. Again , in the end all ended at 100%. P.S. The first $172.00 was followed by a $400.00 cash or cashiers check only, to the driver.