Don't use Montway very unprofessional.

Joey Submitted this review about Monstar Auto Transport
Review made Live: 4/7/2022 10:57:00 AM
I wish there was an option for 0 stars. 1 is too generous. DON"T USE MONTWAY AUTO TRANSPORT!!! We agreed on a price and they I was called and told that Montway needed an addition $100 to ship my car. My Scheduled pickup was Thursday March 31 after 3pm and your driver called the pickup location Wednesday asking to pick up the car that day at 10pm. This was unacceptable and unprofessional asking a customer to say up till midnight to allow him to load the car when they go to work at 5am. The seller of the car said that wouldn't work and he needed to pick it up Thursday March 31 after 3pm but the driver wouldn't take no for an answer and almost cost me the car. After multiple times telling him no, she called me and asked for me to deal with him. He wouldn't pick up the car on Thursday as scheduled so I called Montway to straighten this out (there should be a recording of our conversation) and all dispatch did was call his company and the driver and left messages and told me to tell him to wait till Thursday to pick it up. The driver wouldn’t follow the schedule and persisted that he picks up the car Wednesday night. I tried calling Montway to get his resolved but your dispatch was closed. Why have driver pick up cars after Montway’s dispatch hours? There is no support when there are issues and from what I experienced that must be a daily occurrence. So that left me only one option and I told him he needs it picked up and loaded by 9pm. Upon delivering the car to CO the drive confronted me and got in my face asking me why I said he was unprofessional and lied to his company. You have the phone records supporting all my involvement dealing with him. No one should have to deal with at shit.