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Joanne was honest, on point and got the job done... and after the runarounds I'd been through, what a breath of fresh air!

Peter Submitted this review about MJ Parker Trucking
Review made Live: 12/8/2017 9:47:00 AM
In spite of being a car guy, I've never had the occasion to use an auto transport service so this was a first. Part and parcel to it being my first time I naively filled out one of those "instant quotes" [online] and unwittingly unleashed a tsunami of emails and calls from independent brokers many working from their kitchen, the loo or who knows where else. I can say I started w/ AutoStar who low-balled me to get the order (quoted $600 - then asked for $750)- then I learned that much like pork bellies on the commodity exchange, my transaction was on some kind of big board with haulers opting to take it or not. After a week of "not" and learning I'd have to spend more, I canceled that contract out irritation vs. financial reasons and went to the next bidder which was Krystal w/ SunCoast... another lost cause, this time not because of price but because Krystal simply never called back to take the order... this after filling me full of nonsense about finding space for back-hauls, seasonal trends and whatever else she could throw at me. Well, at the end of the day, I had a car to retrieve! So somehow Budget Auto Transport was next in line... Thomas, very polite but asked to put me on hold for just a second... 4 minutes later (try holding for 4 min when you have other important business to do besides give someone an order) he picks up apologizing that my call had gotten lost. Thomas gets a ballpark agreed upon, wants to call me back in 15 minutes... that was (at this writing) a week ago! By now I figure I need to find an owner/operator scenario because these brokers are too busy watching their favorites shows. I discovered Parker Auto Transport and Joanne was fantastic. She got quite a chuckle out of what I'd been through, separating the wheat from the chaff, that convertibles automatically default to the top of carriers, that vs. [as I was told] having to pay a premium for the top deck and/or those were premium [and hard to get] spots ... it was a great education and I'm hoping to get 3 credits for it! :) Net, we got the deal done, car was picked up the next day [as promised] and Ramon made quicker time out to the East Coast than I think the car he was transporting (a Jaguar) ever will or could have! Joanne, I'm pretty busy- the gentleman in Austin [the seller] is very busy and we both appreciate your consideration and getting this straight forward order done in a superb and professional manner! If there were more than 5 stars, you get em!