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Jerry Johnson Submitted this review about J&J Baseball Trucking LLC
Review made Live: 6/1/2017 3:47:00 PM
Is there any way to give NEGATIVE stars? If there was, this company would earn them! Absolutely bottom of the barrel. After being told to deliver my vehicle during the day, they delivered my vehicle at 10:30pm on a Saturday night. They scared my girlfriend half to death by shining flashlights into our windows once they arrived. I ran outside to see what's going on and they asked for me. Way to not follow directions and scare my girlfriend.

These two Cuban guys, one of whom is the owner, barely speak English so it's hard to figure out what they're saying. Why they parked blocks away and had to go get my vehicle, I'll never know. They finally deliver my vehicle and park it on the street where there is no light. They already see I have motion detectors that light up the driveway, but still park in the street. They seem in a hurry which is odd. They don't do a walk around, but I'm a bit excited so I sign the papers. They're in off without giving me a copy of the bill of lading. I pull my vehicle into the garage, and after inspecting it, I see there are deep scratches and greasy marks. The wheel cover is missing off the back as well, and so is the license plate. I contact the dealer the next day and he's appalled. He shows me photos as well as paperwork showing me the vehicle is in perfect condition.

I contact J and J Baseball Trucking via calls and text many times. The owner finally texts back saying his truck broke down, I have no idea why as I told him about the situation. He did over $650 in damages to my vehicle. He sounds like he's going to do the right thing and wants me to call him the next day. Surprise, he's nowhere to be found. I have video, photos and records of our messages. I've been calling him ever since but I realize he's blocked my number. I researched this company further and see that they aren't BBB certified or anything else. This company is criminal and I don't want anyone else to lose their money, time and suffer damages like I did. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT use this company!!! If you have any questions or want to see before and after photos of my vehicle, simply message me. These guys are CRIMINALS!!!