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Bret Raney Submitted this review about I Move Auto
Review made Live: 12/15/2021 12:04:00 AM
This is how my shipping took place. Yours could be totally different. What I learned through this process is that you absolutely can handle the shipping yourself. This company is just a broker that locates people for you and then charges a fee. My advice is to find a car hauler to take your car to a port and set up a shipping date with some one like Pasha Hawaii. They were, by the way, fantastic to work with. I wanted my car to go from San Diego to Hilo, Hawaii and arrive as close to 12/03 as possible. I was trying to avoid the high cost of renting a car any longer than I needed. I started my process a solid two months ahead of time because I had never shipped a vehicle before and wanted to have everything covered way in advance. I was told that my car would need to be shipped around 11/19 to make my date. The first rep I spoke with was Larry. Very friendly and helpful at first and readily took my deposit. Then kind of disappeared. I repeatedly as for updates on when I would have a car hauler show up and did I indeed have a spot on the ship reserved. Emails and texts would eventually come though. Around the 14th of November, a man named Carlos called and said that he was picking up for Larry. Carlos wanted me to confirm again was I was looking for. Carlos then went away and I was transferred over to Louis on the 18th. Now Louis was great. Ask for him if you use this company. I again had to brief Louis on what I wanted done and he said that my car would not make it by that date. He said that my car needed to be the boat that sailed on the 19th. The car hauler showed up around the 27th of November and was great to work with. He took my car to the port and turned it over to Pasha Hawaii. My car eventually was able to be picked up on the 14th of December, in Hilo. Eleven days of car rental that I was so trying to avoid by starting the process so far in advance. Keep in mind also that Pasha Hawaii allows you to pick you vehicle two to four days after it arrives in port. That's my story. If I ever ship a vehicle again, I would make the arrangements myself. It's not that difficult now that I've seen it done. So that's

Company Response
Jay Montes from I Move Auto Submitted this response.
Response Date: 12/15/2021 1:59:00 PM
Hello Bret, Thank you for your feedback, and my apologies if the first representative you spoke to weren't able to contact you back since he had to leave the company, As a broker which explained from the beginning our job is to find you a carrier that will ship your vehicle from point A to point B which we did, and just as every company that provides service we have our own fees for providing the service. Remember that we do not own Pasha Hawaii and deliveries are subject to change if/due to any weather conditions that's out of everyone's hand, which is always enclosed on the documents of the booking confirmations. Thank you!