Do not trust this company

David Johnson Submitted this review about I Move Auto
Review made Live: 11/5/2021 7:31:00 PM
My son called them to ship his vehicle. Their original quote was $950 and went up to $1300. They asked him for a $300 deposit which he gave them using his credit card. He called me right after this conversation and told me that it would be picked up on Saturday, Sunday or Monday. After we discussed it I told him to just wait until next summer to get it shipped. When He called them back they refused to give his deposit back. Their website says they do not take a deposit until they have put you in contact with a carrier and their contact information. They did not give my son a carrier name or contact information. I called them the next morning and pointed this out to them but they still refused to give back the deposit. When I pointed out what their website states about collecting a deposit, the man I was speaking to told me I was offending him. He said my son must call them and ask to speak to their their accounting department. My son called them later in the day and they still refused to give back his deposit and would not transfer him to their accounting department. I would not recommend this company to anyone, they do not go by the information that they claim on their website.

Company Response
Jay Montes from I Move Auto Submitted this response.
Response Date: 11/6/2021 1:26:00 AM
Hello William and Father Whe did dispatch the order and locked in the spot with the carrier, as we explain once the dispatch is made and you lock in the spot it is a done deal that why you put the deposit to lock down the spot. We were on the phone with the driver asking details and confirming address and you son agreed to lock down the spot. When he called I told him if we cancel on ower side we loose 50% of the deposit but if you freeze it an use it for a later date you do not loose the deposit and william agreed to freeze it as he is shipping on summer. We never force him to lock in the spot or to give us the credit card for the payment he willingly booked a spot on the carrier. That is why there is a deposit because the carrier is saving a spot. If the the carrier cancels or does not furfill his end of the bargain we give you a full refund but if you book the spot on the carrier making him not take other cars you loose the deposit. We did exactly what we say. Sorry for any incoveniece but we did offer a 50% refund or a change of dates at no extra cost.