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SEH Submitted this review about I Move Auto
Review made Live: 7/4/2019 3:27:00 PM
Transport reviews do NOT accurately reflect the (horrible) quality of this company. I’m pretty sure most of these 5 star reviews are fake - notice how there are no 2-4 star reviews. I wish I had known this prior to working with them. SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE AND READ THE YELP REVIEWS!!! My experience echos the other (yelp) reviews written about this company: I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If you decide not to read any further, please take away from this review that I highly recommend going with a company that has good reviews, despite them quoting you higher. They initially provided a reasonable quote ($1085) to ship my car from VA to WA, during which time they were incredibly responsive and communicative via text, email, and phone. After they texted to say they had a carrier for my desired date, I received a call to confirm my carrier for 5 days later... Beginning at this point, consistent with other reviewers’ experiences, they started to ghost me, refusing to answer calls or respond to emails or text messages. Each time I was able to reach someone, the quote increased by ~$100. Also, and perhaps the only silver lining in this horrible experience with I Move Auto, I am pretty sure each “broker” is actually just one dude. Each person I spoke to had the EXACT same voice and got a little panicky when I attempted to clarify why different brokers kept answering the same extension. Again, consistent with another reviewer, we were told on several occasions that we would receive a call back by a certain time and not one time did we receive the promised call. This entire fiasco resulted in me having to sell my car last minute, which added needless stress, delayed our move, and resulted in me needing to buy a new car in WA. Please be smarter than I was and heed the warnings of these reviews. I highly recommend going with a company that has much better ratings, despite higher quotes.

Company Response
Jay Montes from I Move Auto Submitted this response.
Response Date: 7/5/2019 10:20:00 PM
Hello This look like a fake review from another broker. has no order number or information so I can see what are you talking about I can a sure you we do everything by the book. Remember we do not make the prices up carriers make and offer and them we relay it back to you, at wich point you decide if you want to accept the offer or pass on it.