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Denise Submitted this review about Goliath Auto Transport
Review made Live: 4/29/2019 7:56:00 AM
I decided to update my review based on recent events. Brenden by your response you are making yourself look bad. Who blows up a customers phone because you don't like the review they wrote? Who argues with a customer? You would think you would want your customer to be satisfied. All business owners would do anything possible to make that happen but not you. You got paid and that is all you care about. So to add to your response my car was picked up on a Thursday and delivered on a Tuesday that does not equal 2 days for delivery. As for the weather Brenden daylight savings time had just occurred so it takes time for the sun to set at 8pm. As I asked you to do was to check the hourly weather for Lake Worth on that day it was dark and raining. Being that you don't believe me. Obviously as you know living in S. Florida it could be sunny in BOCA RATON and you could be walking around and it could be raining in Lake Worth or it could even be raining across the street in Boca Raton and not on the other side of the street. We all have seen this happen Brenden. So you never checked the weather that day or checked with the driver. On to the damage I asked you to check the bill if you would have you would have seen there was no damage indicated on that side of the car on the bill. As for the invisible pictures how can I see the paint chip, scratches and dents and I don't wear glasses. Why would I complain about something invisible??The car has metallic paint so it is hard to take a pic of it, in person it is as clear as day. As you stated you are a professional if the damage is not indicated on the bill on pick up and it is there after delivery where was the damage done Brenden? So you are the good guy? How did you help out? You have an unsatisfied customer you did not reach out to the carrier. That is not a good business owner. I did have an umbrella when I picked my car up or I would have been soaked.I didn't know to bring a towel to dry my car off in the rain to check my car when it would be a losing battle against the rain to check my car in a turning lane on Jog Rd. As you know with the traffic in S. Florida it is dangerous to be on the outside of your car on the drivers side in a turning lane on the side where my damage was done.I don't know of any business owner that argues with a customer or blows up their phone.They try to correct the problem anyway they can but not you. So basically you are calling me a liar and none of this happened I am dreaming. BAD BUSINESS BRENDEN. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. THE DAMAGE HAPPENED IN TRANSIT END OF STORY.

Company Response
Goliath Auto Transport from Goliath Auto Transport Submitted this response.
Response Date: 5/1/2019 4:56:00 PM
Denise is leaving me, Brenden of Goliath Auto Transport a negative review for damage she says happened by her carrier company, (A completely separate company than me, named DIRECT AUTO TRANSPORT, INC) First off - Denise Signed an order form with me that stated she will do an inspection of her vehicle on pick-up and on delivery for insurance purposes. And that if in the case, there is any damage, to make sure she notes it on the bill of lading before she signs for the release of her car. Denise did not even read my order form. She just signed it. Secondly - On delivery, the driver gave her MORE PAPERWORK, in the case of damage- another chance for her to inspect her vehicle and mark it on the bill of lading. She says "it was raining and getting dark" so she could not see any damage. So she simply signed the driver's paperwork stating "the vehicle was picked up and delivered in the same condition." I am a broker. I am not a carrier company. Meaning, the insurance that covers a customers vehicle is held by Direct Auto Transport, NOT Goliath Auto Transport. I did everything I was supposed to do. I set Denise up with a reliable carrier who picked her car up on time and delivered it on time. I also sent Denise a copy of the insurance, as I do every customer. That way if there ever is damage (although that is extremely rare, about 1 out of every 1500 vehicles I ship has a damage claim) but that way if there is damage, I have set her up with everything she needs to take action. I get a text message from Denise the day after delivery. She claims there is damage. A paint chip on the door, 2 scratches on the back left side of the car and 2 dents somewhere near the tail-light. She sends me pictures of the damage and admits right away, that the damage cannot be seen in the pictures, that it's "hard to get". What I could see in the pictures, was a paint chip no bigger than half the size of a nail head on the driver's side door. She demanded $550 for this damage. First of all, how am I supposed to know if this paint chip occurred during transport? It's a 2016 Mustang that was in NY while she was in Florida. She even told me another member of her family had been using the car for an extended period of time. So Denise actually does not know when the damage occurred. But she is blaming the transporter. She could not make a claim through the carrier's insurance because she signed paperwork on delivery after doing the inspection with the driver, stating "NO DAMAGE." In my professional opinion as an auto mechanic and auto transport broker, this damage did not occur during transport. Even though I cannot see the damage in the pictures, it would be extremely uncommon for a carrier to cause damage to her car the way she describes. A paint chip here, 2 scratches over there. A couple of dents in the back. (not able to be seen in pictures she took from 1 foot away) is EXTREMELY INCONSISTENT with the type of damage you would get while your vehicle is being transported on a trailer. She has 3 completely different locations on the car where she "says" there is damage. It just does not add up. Anyways, I am a nice guy and I figured - let me pay for her paint chip since it's the only thing I can see in her pictures. EVEN THOUGH, she signed paperwork on delivery stating her car was not damaged. She asked for $550.00! For a ~$75 cosmetic fix. I realized she just wants her money back for the transport! She DID NOT get an auto body tech. to quote her. She came up with her own number. Denise made her own rules. She neglected to read my contract. She neglected to read the carriers inspection report. But she did sign both very important pieces of paperwork. I must learn from this as well. This is the first negative review I have ever received in business. I will be more efficient as a coordinator during the time of delivery- and I will remind my customers to check their vehicles for damage! It is wrong of me to assume that customers will inspect their cars for damage even if they signed my contract stating that this is their duty and obligation. I now understand that not everybody reads their contract. Additionally, It is always a good idea to READ what you are SIGNING. I will become a better broker because of this & Thank you for your feedback, Denise.