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Excellent Auto is the BEST SERVICE I HAVE EVER USED.

Eduardo Orozco Submitted this review about Excellent Auto Transport
Review made Live: 4/23/2018 5:49:00 PM
I contracted Excellent Auto to pick up and deliver my car from IAAI Auto Auctions. Sonia from Excellent Auto took great care of me and she devoted all of her time into helping me out. She always answered my calls, texts, and emails quickly, and she kept me up to date with everything that she was doing. Sonia makes it a point to warn me several times about the lies that the other brokers would try to feed me. Unfortunately, I was dumb enough to ignore Sonia's warnings and I ended up with 4 different brokers and all of them avoided my calls after booking with them. As I am sure you know, having multiple bookings is a major issue. Sonia was the only one who stuck around and wanted to help. She walked me through the process step by step and slowly I was able to cancel all of the other bookings besides the one with Excellent Auto. As I was finalizing the process with Sonia, I received a call that my vehicle was picked up by another broker which I had previously told to cancel my order 6 hours earlier. He lied to me and still picked up the vehicle anyways, so now I am stuck with him. Also, he decided that he would charge me $200 more than the amount we agreed upon. But now that he has both my car, and my address, there is nothing I can do. I hope that this review will help you understand the lies and deception that runs rampant in this business. From now on I will conduct my business solely with Excellent Auto and nobody else. Sonia is incredibly responsible, patient, and one of the nicest people that I had ever had the pleasure of speaking with. I hope that the people or businesses reading this review will also do the same, to hopefully avoid any of this happening to you as well.