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Review made Live: 6/27/2022 11:07:00 PM
I am a former Naval Aviator, retired American Airlines Pilot, and current USAF Civilian Simulator Instructor Pilot. We moved from Rte 281 North and Bulverde Road area to Converse Texas on April 30, 2022. Being prior Navy, I have allot of moving experiences! This wasn't the worst but it was very sad, indeed. THIS IS THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL, DISHONEST AND LAZY CREW I EVER EXPERIENCED IN 40 YEARS OF MARRIAGE AND A NAVAL SERVICE CAREER! THE COMPANY HAS NOT RESPONDED TO ANY OF SEVEN MESSAGES LEFT WITH VARIOUS CONTACTS FOR A WAY TO REPORT DAMAGES, OR OFFERED IN ANY WAY TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT! I AM REPORTING THEM TO ALL LOCAL AND NATIONAL MILITARY MOVING AGENCIES ON AND VIA LOCAL MILITARY BASES! 1. The pictures of the handsome movers? That's a joke; expect less. 2. DAMAGES: The workers caused damages upstairs and in the stairway of this 3,000 + sq-foot house. To make matters worse, THEY INTENTIONALLY HID THE DAMAGES WHERE THEY COULD! They mis-positioned a guest room bed (we have 6 bedrooms) to hide the tremendously large gashes in our wall. They also put the bed together shoddily and incorrectly, where the uninstalled bolts and uninstalled center support bracket could not be seen until well after they left ... days later; same with the damages. A reputable company would have admitted they couldn't figure how to put the bed together, requested help, and come and reported accidental damage. 3. ALL boxes were meticulously labeled by rooms. Many were just thrown into inappropriate rooms, many requiring re-positioning but, being 66 and my wife being 64, and me being a disabled American Veteran, we had to employ help to re-move things within the house. 4. ALL boxes with fragile, crushable or non-bendable items were appropriately labeled with purchased labels! We found many damaged, crushed, collapsed by placing heavy boxes atop of them, etc. 4. LAZINESS / FALSIFIED RECORDS / LYING TO THEIR SUPERIORS / TIME + PRICE GOUGING: A- I was quoted a price per hour. Cameron, the agent, said the move should be accomplished within 3-4 hours; but that part I haven't yet found in writing. Downloading voicemails and texts with our attorneys. THEY TOOK OVER 12 HOURS ... BUT THAT'S NOT ALL ... B- THE MOVERS STOOD AROUND TALKING ON CELL PHONES AT TIMES. ONE GUY STOOD IN FRONT OF MY DAUGHTER AND TALKED FOR 20 MINUTES TO A FRIEND! WE CAUGHT THEM DOING THE SAME INSIDE THEIR TRUCKS! (They have NO idea I have videos / recordings of them joking around.) C- I was at the house we were moving from, a nearly $500 K house (so the workers smelled money proverbially I guess) and my wife was at the new house with my daughter before me because truck 3 they only needed two) was still being loaded. I found out later that ALTHOUGH THE COMPANY TOOK 15 MINUTES OFF OUR BILL FOR LUNCH (BUT WE BOUGHT THEM LUNCH AND DINNER AND THEY ATE ALLOT LONGER THAN THAT) AND THEY CHARGED FOR THE 35 MINUITE TRANSIT BUT BOTH MY WIFE AND DAUGHTER WILL TESTIFY, WITH VIDEO, THAT THE TRUCKS SAT DOWN THE STREET, BACKED INTO A SIDE STREET, WAITING FOR THE THIRRD TRUCK, FOR AN HOUR AND 35 MINUTES!!! I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS OR THE PHONE CALLING UNTIL AFTER THEY WERE PAID! D- Not only did I pay almost $5,000 when the bid was for $2,500-$3,500, I gave them as a group a large tip because I did not know abo0ut ALL he sky-larking laziness, phone calls and parked hidden time, etc. E- One manager called once to return my first call, and since they've gotten my written and verbal reports, nobody at the company will return calls or emails, or send us damage claim paper work! SO OFF TO COURT WE GO IN SHORT ORDER. DO NOT EVER USE THIS SHODDILY RUN, UNPROFESSIONAL DISHONEST AND SCAMMING, IN ALL IN MY OPINION, COMPANY ... EVER! PS: WE HAVE PICTURES, VIDEOS, ETC. BUT SINCE THIS MAY END UP IN COURT, WE'RE NOT SHARING ANY EVIDENCE AT THIS TIME. ALSO, ACTIVE COMPLAINT WITH BBB; HOPING TO SETTLE BEFORE HAVING TO TAKE TO COURT.