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Bait and Switch Scam

Greg Noel Submitted this review about Enclosed Vehicle Transport Inc.
Review made Live: 6/28/2017 7:16:00 AM
My elderly mother hired Enclosed Vehicle Transport in error. She thought she was hiring a reputable company that she was familiar with and therefore did not shop around even though I advised her that I felt their quote was high. On the scheduled date of pickup (which changed), the driver was several hours late and left her waiting for him at a warehouse late at night. Then a TOTALLY DIFFERENT COMPANY shows up to pick up the car?! My mother calls me in tears at 10pm afraid to release the car to this other company. I assumed we signed something giving them the right to bait and switch and told her we had already paid for the service and to surrender the car. After later reviewing the EVT paperwork I could not find a single mention that our car would not be transported by EVT nor could I find anywhere where we gave them permission to subcontract the delivery of our car to a third party. If you read their emails and website, they brag about their trucks and their drivers and how they will treat your car - when in fact they never ever touched our car. It turns out that all EVT did was broker our car out to a third party and add a massive fee on top of the actual cost to move the car! When I found out how much cheaper we could have had the car transported by the company mom meant to hire, I asked EVT to match the price and refund the difference - and of course I received not a dime back from them. Do yourself a favor and hire the company that actually moves your car. It will save you a small fortune.

Company Response
Kevin Dudley from Enclosed Vehicle Transport Inc. Submitted this response.
Response Date: 7/5/2017 6:59:00 PM
The customer had Enclosed Vehicle Transport confused with Passport Transport. I've contacted them and was told they would get back to me this week to hopefully work the situation out. Below is a copy of the e-mail that I was sent. Kevin Dudley E-mail from Monday 6/19/17 11:52 AM Kevin... When I contacted Passport Transport to take the 1960 Buick to California I did NOT shop around and get bids from other transport companies because I had the firm belief that Passport Transport was the VERY BEST. I EXPECTED them TO BE THE ONES TO PICK UP AND TRANSPORT MY BABY.....INSTEAD A COMPANY CALLED MONTWAY AUTO CARRIERS showed up?! A sub contractor? I did not hire these guys - I paid top dollar for YOUR COMPANY to drive my car - not to sub out the job to outsiders that I do not know or trust. I purposely hired your company and wanted ONLY your company to move my car. This reeks of BAIT AND SWITCH. I am tremendously unhappy...I expect to not have Greg spending the horrendous amount quoted. Please adjust to a lesser amount. He had complained that last time he did this it cost him $1,000 - he was certain if he shopped around he could have done much better than the quote you gave.. I told him NOT to call anyone else as you were the best and I wanted only Transport Passport to move the car. Of my current 31 cars....15 have been purchased through The Cox International Auction (Jim Cox) at Branson, Missouri...twice a year I attend and am well known there and in the local car clubs in the surrounding areas...belonging to four. They will certainly be advised of what happened to my son and I if this is not rectified in a satisfactory manner. As will be Steven Plaster and Guy Mace...both avid car collectors. And FYI - my experience was otherwise also less than great - it started with a ridiculously late arrival....First told that the pick up would be in the AFTERNOON of June 18th...then told it would be at 8:30 PM!?...what is worse is that they did not arrive until after 10PM...I am 78 years old and the car was not stored at my home - I sat in my personal vehicle outside one of our warehouses in a not so great area of town waiting since 8PM! Instructed them to park in our parking lot or on the side street...instead they parked right on the 2 lane road in front of the warehouse and blocked traffic...which I finally got out in the pitch black night to direct...I was cursed out by one driver...the others (perhaps 20+) were nice. I arrived home after 11:30PM. The two gentlemen were polite and nice...doing their job...not their fault....but certainly Passport Transport's..... I feel that I am a VICTIM of BAIT AND SWITCH...that this was just a scheme to get money using some other company to do the work...that it should be reported not only to my friends and fellow collectors but to state and national entities. Greg Noel's credit card should be credited with around a thousand dollars for me to not continue my plan of action...I am old but not going to be a victim like many old people. I have many more cars to transport in the near future. Cynthia L. Noel