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Worst experience ever!

Ed Valdez Submitted this review about Easy Auto Ship
Review made Live: 11/7/2019 10:37:00 PM
I've never dealt with a company as terrible as EasyAutoShip. Save yourselves the hassle. I hired them to move my parents’ vehicle from FL to NJ. They sub-contracted a carrier named EE Transport, Inc. From that point, everything went downhill. First, the truck driver demanded that my Dad, who is his 70s and undergoing chemo, drive out to drop-off the car a few miles away from the agreed pickup location in the middle of the night. Then he never shows up. My dad then had to call this guy several times for a status. When the vehicle was finally picked up the next day, the same driver starts harassing me with rude text messages telling me he'll be in NJ that evening and to be ready. This is 2 days before original drop-off date by the way. Anyway, I speak to this guy and confirm the drop-off address (my sister's house). He tells me around 3 PM that he's in Virginia and that he would call my sister when he reaches the NJ state line. My sister never gets a call from him, so she calls him around 8 PM for an ETA. The driver then demands that my sister drive out to meet him 15 miles away past midnight. When my sister refuses because it's fishy and because she has kids in bed, he tells my sister that we missed our delivery window and so we now have to pay an extra $150. Oh, and if we don't pay, he takes the car to MA. My sister again refuses, and this guy just goes bonkers. He starts yelling at and insulting her over the phone. Then does the same with my brother-in-law when he gets on the phone try to resolve the issue. The next morning, I get another rude text form the guy telling me that he's putting my parents' car in storage. I had no idea what had happened, so I call him right away. The moment he answers the phone he goes off on me about my sister and her husband. At some point he tells me he's going to bash my sister's head in with a bat and her husband's too. So, I hang up and call my sister to get her story. We decide to call EasyAutoShip for help and they basically recommend that we pay this guy the extra $150 to secure the car and avoid having to pick it up in MA. They promise to refund the $150, so we agree but demand that they arrange for a police officer to be at the exchange (given the driver's threats). My brother-in-law was able to get the car back the next day with an officer on scene, but EasyAutoShip is now conveniently avoiding my calls and most likely hoping we simply walk away. At this point, I'm thinking they are in on this scam to stiff folks out of extra cash.