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Mike E Submitted this review about Dynamic Auto Movers
Review made Live: 2/6/2019 12:14:00 PM
Josh did a very nice job of coordinating the move of my car from Dallas to Chattanooga. Having never moved a car before, I was concerned about finding a reputable carrier given how inundated I was with on-line quotes. I feared that someone would take money up front and disappear or would pick up my car and it would show up trashed or worse yet, I’d never see it again. Josh delivered and my car made it to me very efficiently once a transport service match was located. The only reason for a 4 vs 5 is due to the fact that it took Josh several days to find a truck who was willing to transport the vehicle on the route. Once that occurred, the car was picked up that same morning and delivered to me the next day. No money up front, payable on delivery. The car arrived in the same condition that it left the dealer in. I consider the price as very fair. Some competitors were higher and some lower, some silly low. My priority was around finding a reputable service to ensure quality, effective delivery and that is what I got. Dynamic Auto Movers is willing to post BBB data, good or back, while many others were not so forthright. That eliminated several others from my consideration. Dynamics A- rating was one of the higher ratings in this industry that I saw. This must be a cutthroat business and you need a slightly thick skin in working with the brokers. After I agreed with Josh on the delivery, I received a call from a competing company noting that they had secured a driver and when I informed him that I was all set, he demanded to know who and how much I had agreed to. When I declined to provide this information, he became irate, telling me that I was getting scammed, that he hoped I would “fall flat on your face” and that I would come groveling back to him (at a cost of $800). Can you imagine working with someone with that attitude? Josh was professional, direct, and somewhat no-nonsense. He engaged with service providers and arranged the vehicle transport. That was all I needed and that is what he did. Scott, the guy who delivered the vehicle was awesome, and kept me informed as well, but that is a different company and a different review. Remember, the transport service provides a matching service, or a dispatch service. They do not actually deliver the vehicle. We count on them to have reputable shippers, and in my case that was true, excellent, quick service. In my opinion, Dynamic is a reputable service that has reputable drivers. I hope you have less anxiety picking a service that I did based on this review from my auto shipment on February 5th, 2019. Use Josh, and you will be in good hands.