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Herman Sun Submitted this review about Dynamic Auto Movers
Review made Live: 6/18/2018 12:36:00 PM
When I listed my car needed to be shipped on one of the national listing services, I was immediately bombarded by multiple emails and text messages. However I had certain shipping needs that had to be met. For one I was stranded in a town I was unfamiliar with so I needed a pickup ASAP. Two my car had to be sent nearly 1800 miles thus the transporter had to be willing to do a long haul route. Robert Stark of Dynamic Auto Movers happened to be the first person to call me personally. The first thing Robert did was apologize for the less honest companies in his industry. Then Robert proceeded to teach me the pitfalls I needed to be aware of when dealing with long haul vehicle transporters. Robert was only one of two brokers who called me who bothered to educate me on the pitfalls of dealing with shipping brokers. After I was educated by Robert I got the impression hiring a transporter is not unlike hiring a ride from Uber or Lyft. That being said no one works for free, thus no Uber or Lyft driver is obligated to pick up a fare if the fare isn’t worth their while, a similar dynamic occurs within vehicle transportation. Nearly all drivers today use a broker to secure work. The brokers themselves hire work out to the same drivers and trucks every other broker uses. You the customer must essentially submit a bid or price you are willing to pay to have your vehicle shipped. This bid must be high enough to get a driver’s attention as well as be worth their while to work within your time frame. This is where Robert’s education on realistic pricing came in handy. Too low a price and no one shows up to pick up my car. The worst case scenario would be the “low ball” offer. This is a price meant to attract a potential customer and lock them down with a deposit. Once the car is loaded (“held hostage”) this is usually when the broker or transporter asks for more money. Using the low ball offer price as the floor and the highest price quote as the ceiling, I determined Dynamic’s all-inclusive quoted price fell into the middle of the price range which in this case was just under $1300 including broker fee. The rest of the fee is paid COD to the driver when the vehicle is dropped off. Once I had decided upon using Dynamic Auto Movers, Robert got the ball rolling quickly. I needed my car picked up ASAP. Robert was able to have a licensed, bonded and insured driver arranged to get my car within two days. Sure enough the guys showed up within two days. I was quoted a delivery time of five to seven business days after pickup. The driver Robert hired delivered my car three business days after pickup. I was amazed given my car had to be trucked nearly 1800 miles from the desert southwest to the Midwest Great Lakes region. My car was shipped using an open transport but was not worse for wear other than it was dirtier at delivery vs. pick up. If I had to ship a car across the country again I have no hesitation about using Dynamic Auto Movers again. Even though Dynamic has more than one broker agent I would prefer to deal with Robert Stark again. The man works long hours and looks out for the interests of his clients being more than willing to answer any questions posed to him. Thanks to Robert’s help what could have been a nightmare (shipping a car cross country) merely became an inconvenience to deal with.