Bad Customer Service. Ok Shipping service. Nothing Damage.

Nic Submitted this review about Dynamic Auto Movers
Review made Live: 4/14/2016 2:42:00 PM
The Good:

Reasonable to Good pricing. No serious back-handed tactics. Everything was mostly straightforward.

The Bad:

Their website seemed to suggest I could pay by credit card. Only the $200 "administration fee" can be paid by credit card. The remaining $950 is COD, thus is can only be cash, or cashier's check, etc. No personal checks.

George who was the driver was very difficult to work with. Nice guy, but was always whining about getting to your house. I decided to work with him and drove 45 minutes to his truck stop to deliver my car. Did this all a day earlier than I originally wanted, just to help him out. Gave my father-in-law on the other end of the country the same complaints about delivering the car. We decided not to be so accommodating this time and make George actually get the car to us.

Overall, George actually did a fine job. His whining just got very annoying in trying to make delivery arrangements.

If you're willing to overlook the poor customer service of the drivers they choose, this group can be a good option because of their mostly-honest procedures, and reasonable pricing.

Miah did her job well. Just chose a bad driver. It happens, but she refused to accept the consequences of her choice. Then she starting complaining about the "poor" review I left, saying her boss is going to fire her because of 1 bad review. I didn't realize such low-ball tactics were used here in the USA just to get a better review.

Miah's job of arranging transport was fine, but her professionalism after the fact left much to be desired.

Note: I am not receiving compensation for this review, but I was urged and repeatedly called to leave a good review (does "leaving me alone" count as incentive?)