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Laila Submitted this review about Direct Auto Transport Inc.
Review made Live: 5/1/2013 4:58:00 PM
What a nightmare! I contacted this company on a Tuesday morning and spoke with Mark. I stated that I needed my car shipped out as soon as possible and asked for a quote. First I was quoted $1600 then it dropped to $1000 if I could drop it off somewhere in Jersey. I asked Marc to please double check and make sure that if I dropped off my car all the way out in jersey that it would for sure be delivered by next Friday. He said he'd get back to me in 20 mins and that was Tuesday around noon. Today is Wednesday. Marc called me early in the morning and said he had a driver for me by tomorrow (Thursday) and that it would cost 950. I agreed but only on the condition there would be NO holds or charges on my account until the order had been dispatched and I had been notified someone was coming to pick up my car then and there. Why would I be charged 950 until then right? No service had been provided. I was contacted through another source saying there was a pick up available within 30 mins. I immediately called Marc and emailed him stating I wanted to cancel my contract and that there was obviously no service rendered and no dispatches were made. Easy as that you would think. I called just to be sure as well, no answer so I left a voicemail. Sure enough 10 mins later I get calls saying no that they already sent a dispatch and I would be charged the FULL $950 if canceled. I was shocked!! I stated that I had no email or phone call saying anything about a dispatch and that I found it VERY ironic that someone all of a sudden was placed for dispatch AFTER I called and emailed. I received threatening emails saying" Also your name will be added to a do not ship list in the household and transport industry. I would be a little cautious as you move forward. We did everything to help you. Good Luck." Oh my goodness! Who does that! I went straight to my bank. Disputing it all the way. AND turning into the Better Business Bureau. Sneaky, unprofessional, crooks.

Also they called repetitively about 20x and I have about 20 emails. Stay away from this company!