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Bill Submitted this review about Daily Direct LLC
Review made Live: 5/1/2010 1:33:00 PM

If you're smart you won't hire this company to haul anything. I'm already mad and my bike hasn't got here yet, a week late,
but that's not the problem. I live in Indiana and purchased a bike in Cali. The owner had purchased and installed a fairing
and he was giving me the original windshield. I started calling moving companies to see which one would work with me and
bring the extra windshield. HaulBikes was the second company i called. When i explained the windshield delima to Nancy,
she was quick to say it wouldn,t be a problem. She said the driver would wrap it, put it in a safe place, and bring it to me.
When the driver picked up the bike, the owner handed him the windshield but he refused to bring it because it wasn't attached
to the bike. The owner called me and was upset about the matter. I called Nancy and she said she'd talk to the driver, which
had already left with the bike, and would call me back. She never called back. The next day i called and asked to talk to a
supervisor. Another woman got on the phone and explained that they do not bring anything that's not attached to the bike.
So basically Nancy lied to me to get my business and they didn't really give a s*it!. I used to transport autos so i can understant
being a week late if they had trouble of some kind, but i can't stand being lied to. When my delivery date had came and gone,
i called to check on the status of my delivery, there was no apparent trouble. My bike was at their hub. They said they were
waiting for a driver to come in, take a couple days to load the bikes, then come my direction sometime late next week.
I'm guessing it's going to be at least two weeks or more late now. I'd say these people are slackers and liars. I explained to the
so called supervisor that i would tell as many people as i could about them but she didn't seem to care. Maybe her boss will,
maybe not!

Bill Green