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mike Submitted this review about Crossroads Auto Transport
Review made Live: 5/6/2013 2:55:00 PM
Alright guys let me tell you about my experince with crossroad. Im in the military and called there number spoke to a guy named robert. He sounded like he was here to help me assured me they were "honest" and would do their best to help me out. well upon talking to robert he informed me that they had a driver that would be on my route and that their dispatch would call me between monday and friday with a pick up time... So thursday comes along and their dispatch calls me and tells me hey mike we cant find a driver to go on your route and pick up your vehicle but for an extra 200 over your original quote we may be able to find a driver for you... so after hearing this i decided forget it i dont have time to waste on " what If's" so i call the manage John who first thing that comes out of his mouth is we will not refund your money read your contract... so when I ask him why did your sales rep tell me you had a carrier for me when in reality you didnt? His response was well we had a carrier but by the time you signed the contract his truck was full... KEEP IN MIND IT TOOK ME 10 MINS TO SIGN THIS CONTRACT OVER THE INTERNET! Look guys bottom line is this the company is a snake in the grass that will say anything they have to to get the depoist from you which is a 150$ then when they dont deliever claim you didnt give them appropriate amount of time... If you dont want to get hustled and actually want to get your car moved use DEPENDABLE AUTO SHIPPERS!!! they are a carrier company with no brokers no hidden fees and no BS! I hope that NO ONE USES this company in the future and im going to do my best to let everyone know INCLUDING SOLIDERS THAT THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE AND WILL RIP YOU OFF! if you have any questions email me micheal.heinemann@gmail.com and ill tell you exactly what i did here! HOPE THIS HELPS ANYONE THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE AND TAKES PLEAUSER IN RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!

Company Response
Frank Davies from Crossroads Auto Transport Submitted this response.
Response Date: 5/30/2013 5:59:00 PM
This was a tough order and very short on time. I wish we could have provided the service in a manner that was acceptable to our client. As much as we strive to be perfect we are not and were not on this shipment. We did attempt to make this person happy but nothing we tried worked unfortunately.