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Avoid Cobalt and Gary S. Promised The World But Never Showed Up. No Communication.

Arnie Submitted this review about Cobalt Logistic Services LLC
Review made Live: 6/9/2017 4:53:00 PM
We booked with Gary and Cobalt 2 weeks early. I was told it was no problem to have the car picked up Monday. I told them we were flying out on Monday so that it was very import that it get picked up then. Gary said no problem and that the car would be delivered within 5 to 7 business days of Monday. We never heard from Gary after giving him our credit card number and information. I called him the Friday before to make sure everything was okay. He said it was perfectly normal to not have a driver lined up yet and that he usually schedules them a day or two prior. He said he would get back to me with the driver details. The weekend went by and we never heard from him. I called Monday, the day we needed the car picked up. He said he didn't find a driver yet and that he would find someone asap. We haven't heard from Gary since. I have called and emailed.

Avoid Gary and Cobalt at all costs. He can talk the talk but is a straight up liar. The only thing he is good at is collecting credit card information. His incompetency is costing us $100 a day in rental car fees.

Company Response
Joseph John from Cobalt Logistic Services LLC Submitted this response.
Response Date: 6/12/2017 4:16:00 PM
This request for quote was received May 17, 2017, at 11:08 am for one (1) vehicle, with the correct name and email address, but not phone number (area code)-555-5555. I emailed my quote, $950.00, not $850.00 and entered my notes: EM'd ONLY, can't call, at 05/17/17 11:11 am. I received an email response at 12:16pm, with no salutation: We also have a 2015 XXXXX to ship the same day going to the same place. What is the price for both cars? How long will it take approximately? Are there any extra fees, taxes, etc? I replied, at 12:46pm, Hi Arnold, Good afternoon: I sent you a revised quote for both vehicles. I would like to answer your questions in a question and answer format, verbally, however, the number you provided, XXX.555.5555, is not valid. Please call me... We did speak shortly after and I was provided additional information and correct phone number. On May 23, our system shows: New order: 05/23/17 2:12 pm, with my internal notes: 05/23/17 2:14 pm 1st avail P/U 6/5 (first available pick up). Customer was advised, as are all of my customers: I can not guarantee pick up for a specific day, there was no mention of "flying out" on Monday, only, 1st available for pick up. I need, at best, a three day window, your ideal day, or it could be the day before or the day after. These are cross country trucks and there are numerous possibilities for delay, i.e.- traffic/accidents, weather, dealerships are notorious for being late. And that's how we left it. Flying out on Monday was not stated until our telephone conversation of Friday, June 2. On Monday, June 5 customer called me at 11:37am, I called customer 11:44am, we spoke 11:47 and I asked, "Is there anyone you can leave your keys with? Neighbor, friend/relative?" I was told, he will call me back. He never did. Our next correspondence was the following day, June 6 at 1:22pm, an email to me: We are flying today after two cancelled flights. Any updates with the cars? Our software retains every keystroke, without the ability to edit, and it shows, dated May 23, 2017 @ 2:12 PM, 1st Available Pickup (sic) Date 6/5/17. Also, I never say, business days. Drivers pick up and deliver on weekends, holidays, etc., as their logs allow. Customer never called to cancel and I know he had plenty of other brokers calling him. I have taken over many orders of other brokers who, for one reason or another, couldn't get their customers' vehicles picked up. $100.00 a day in rental car fees? The cars would not be there when this was submitted, June 7. It did not go live until June 9. Also, my office has reached out to customer via phone and email, with no response. Gary