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Bill Submitted this review about Cascade Vehicle Shipping Inc.
Review made Live: 10/11/2010 4:16:00 PM
We received the car around 6pm and 3 days late. When we met the driver (A&IN Group out of Chicago) at the delivery destination, the car wasn't there. Instead, his partner had taken it to a local gas station to "pick up a soda". The driver told us that it was the other guy's idea and that "some customers don't mind if they need to borrow their car". When his partner came back, I advised him that it wasn't a good idea to take our property without our permission. His partner then tried to tell us that there wasn't any gas in the car when they picked it up, so he put some in for us. In fact, the exact same level of gas (just under half a tank) that we left in the car was there seemingly unchanged, and I doubt he was being so generous out of the kindness of his heart to put $30 worth of fuel in there. He also left the car smelling like smoke, and we are not smokers. Also, when I asked why the mileage wasn't recorded when they picked up the car, they said that Brenda told them it wasn't necessary.

I told Brenda about all of this which seemingly shocked her. She told me that Cascade has decided to never use A&IN Group again since they refused to compensate me for the misuse of my property.

However, when I asked Brenda if she had indeed told them that recording the mileage at pick-up was unnecessary, I never received a response. That was about three weeks ago.

How about that response, Brenda?

Company Response
Terry Williams from Cascade Vehicle Shipping Inc. Submitted this response.
Response Date: 10/14/2010 11:28:00 AM
~~~Brenda 360-834-7898 Brenda@cascadevehicleshipping.com~~~ Hi Bill, thank you for the review. I have to say I was a little shocked to see only a 2 star review from you. I realize what A and In Group did, however I was not just ignoring your question about the mileage. I had a long conversation with your Mother about the issue. During which I had told her at NO POINT did i ever tell the carrier that there was no need to notate the mileage of your vehicle at pick up. As a matter of fact I recomend that the mileage is written down on the pick up BOL. After the conversation with your Mother she had told me she would talk to you about the matter. So I do apologize I should have contacted you directly but I was under the impression that your question had been answered. Again I am sorry for the missunderstanding but I hope you felt my customer service was 5 star even though the review only shows 2 stars.