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1960 MGA - Kimberly Freiley

Yvet Submitted this review about Cascade Vehicle Shipping Inc.
Review made Live: 10/5/2010 4:34:00 PM
Order #6198100; 1960 MGA. I contracted for having my car shipped in an ENCLOSED transport vehicle. When my car was FINALLY delivered, I found out that the car was NOT transported in an ENCLOSED vehicle. I called Kim at Cascade Vehicle Shipping requesting a discount because the car was not transported in the manner I had contracted for. She tried to resolve this. After I got back on the phone with her, she said to go ahead and pay the carrier the full amount and that Cascade Vehicle Shipping would make sure I was taken care of and receive a discount. I trusted Kim’s word and gave the money to the carrier. However, now that I’m following up, Kim says that Cascade Vehicle Shipping has nothing to do with my car not being transported in an Enclosed carrier and to take it up with the carrier! They assigned a carrier (THE MOVERS INC.) to transport my car ENCLOSED and then The MOVERS bid out my car to another carrier without my or Cascade knowing. There were DAYS when neither myself or Cascade knew where my car was during shipment because we could not get a hold of the carrier!

DID I JUST GET RIPPED OFF or WAS THIS A SCAM? I was originally quoted $840 (after $50 rebate) for an open transport. I paid $1100 before rebate for what I THOUGHT WAS FOR ENCLOSED shipping. I chose an enclosed transport because my 1960 MGA did not have a top and the cover that it did have over the seat area was not fully functional and thus I was worried that the interior would be exposed to the elements. Cascade Vehicle Shipping set the Enclosed transport cost and charged my credit card for part of the fee based on ENCLOSED shipping costs. However, it was transported in an OPEN transport but they claim it's not their issue and advised me to take it up with the carrier!

My other issues with the LONG delays in getting the car picked up and delivered were resolved through Kim's assistance/persistence! (It took 14 days in transport from California to Colorado!) There were days when I didn't know where my car was as the carrier was not answering their phone! I was so worried it was stolen or something! Luckily, with Kim’s persistence we were able to get status from the carrier!

Company Response
Terry Williams from Cascade Vehicle Shipping Inc. Submitted this response.
Response Date: 10/5/2010 5:33:00 PM
Yvet, Kimberly 360-834-7898 ext 235, Kimberly@Cascadevehicleshipping.com Like I stated in the emails, I am so sorry that the truck was deceiving to both you and I. They did transport the vehicle part way on an enclosed, but they transported the second half on an open. That is not a normal practice and they have been removed from transporting any vehicles for the 5 companies we work with. Yes I did tell you to pay the carrier, because if you didn't your vehicle would have been taken to a storage facility until you paid the carrier, and storage fees and a redelivery fee may have applied, so I was trying to save you as much money as possible. As for getting a discount, I told you that would come from the carrier not Cascade. We charged a deposit that we would charge for an open carrier. Yes your quote was for an enclosed deposit but to help you out we took 70 out of our fee. I have gone above and beyond to get this taken care of for you, but the trucking company is not returning any of our phone calls, so there is nothing else we can do until they return our phone call. I cannot make something happen with no communication with the carrier. They did discount you 200 for the delay of pick up and delivery though. The discount for the transport is to come from the carrier as they are the ones that had the error not Cascade. Our job is (per our terms and conditions) : Cascade Vehicle Shipping, Inc. is an agent for you. We arrange for the transportation of the vehicle by finding an appropriate carrier. We do not own trucks or physically transport the vehicle. Our services end when the carrier is assigned and contacts you regarding pickup and delivery of the vehicle. While THE MOVERS fell through on your order, we would not have placed with them if they didn't pass our requirements. No this was not a scam or a rip off, this carrier just did a poor job which is why we will NEVER use them again. We have not had this issue in the past. Part of the delay for the trucking company to take 14 days is because they transported the vehicle 1/2 way and then re-posted it to find another carrier to take it the remainder. Again this is NOT normal!!! Neither you nor I could get a hold of the carrier, and at that time, you and I would joke about it because it was getting to be an everyday phone call to a voice mail. I however did the best customer service I could to make sure we got a hold of someone, you even said so yourself in the review that I was persistent. Again I wish I could have done more, but there is nothing more that Cascade can do to help you. Please contact the carrier as they answer your calls but not mine and talk to them about it. Thanks Kim