Terrible experience

Ted Submitted this review about Car Shipper USA LLC
Review made Live: 2/4/2019 11:58:00 PM
I have shipped 3 or 4 cars over the past 5 years and this was an unbelievably bad experience. I picked this company based on a reference. I received a quote that was the second highest of the 10 I received but was promised a specific pickup date and two day delivery from Houston to Atlanta. The entire ordeal started off poorly when the driver never contacted the previous owner to pick up the car. We had to call him and set up a time of 2 pm. The driver showed up at 6 pm with no reason why. On Friday, I contacted the driver to find out when on Friday he would be in town. The driver then said that he wouldn't be in Atlanta until late Saturday evening and deliver Sunday am. I wasn't happy about this but had no option. On Sunday morning, there was no communication from the driver. I contacted him and he said he might be there Monday to drop off in the morning - not acceptable since I work 35 miles away from work and the car should have been there 2 days earlier anyway. I contacted Glen (broker) who said he would look into it (no response back that day). The driver randomly texted at 9 pm that he was 2 hours away and would bring the car. His truck wouldn't fit on our street so I told him I would meet him outside my subdivision at 1115pm at a Krogers (I had to walk the 1.5 miles b/c no one to drive there). Waited there for 45 minutes with no response, finally I texted him and the driver said there was an accident and would be 40 minutes. Waited another hour and still no answer (1 am at this point). He finally responded and said he was still 30-40 minutes away (Google maps showed no accidents) and that if I didn't get the car early the next morning he "might" be back in town with it on Thursday or Friday. He said he would have it at my house at 6 am before I left for work. I walked home and at 130am he called and said he was pulling into my neighborhood. I had to walk down to our clubhouse parking lot and pick up the car. At this point it was 2 am. If this scenario wasn't so unbelievable it would totally laughable. To top it off, the license plate were stolen from the car. The response from the broker was that he had given me a great price (was not compared to the service I received and the other quotes I had gotten) and would give me another "great" price if I used him again and use another carrier. I would have had less hassle (and even time and money) by just flying to Houston and driving the car back. I would recommend staying away from this broker. I could have picked another company for up to half his price and had the same crappy service.

Company Response
Glen Holsman from Car Shipper USA LLC Submitted this response.
Response Date: 2/11/2019 8:55:00 PM
Car was Picked Up on Fri & Delivered Sunday (from Houston, TX - Atlanta, GA) as I told the customer it would take 2-3 days, total rate $550.00. There's no excuse for any lack of communication on driver's part as Ted had informed me via email & I apologized for that (there's only so much I have control of, but I'm available 24/7 to assist all my customers), mostly every driver I use will call customers the day before pick up & a day prior to delivery. After which I spoke to the driver Sun morning & instructed him that customer needed his car asap. Driver made sure he delivered that evening, even after incurring unforeseen delays. This is the 1st I'm hearing about a missing License plate. We're a family owned business doing this for 10 plus years, the customer did get his car safely & in a timely manor & feel very bad about the whole situation (and have apologized that Ted was inconvenienced in any way).