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WORST!!Don't ever use this company! Very deceptive!!!

Michele Submitted this review about Bluestar Auto Movers
Review made Live: 6/9/2011 2:55:00 PM
This was the worst experience I have ever had!DON'T EVER DEPEND ON THIS COMPANY, THEY WILL PULL A BAIT AND SWITCH! I was quoted at $850. They called a week before the pick up date and said they were having trouble finding a diver do it for anything less than $900 (this wasn't including their $200 fee). I informed them I did not have the money to pay more than 850 so I gave josh 4 business days to look for a driver. I called the day before I was to fly out of phx to boston to ensure that everything was on schedule for $850. josh informed me that still didn't have a driver but ensured me that that would be able to move it as soon as i said "shred my contract". so i depended on them to pick up my car within the week i gave them to pick it up only to find out once i was located in boston that they would not move the car for anything less than $1100. they blamed it on not being able to find a driver for anything less than 900. funny how i went through natwide transport service the same day and they gave me 950. only 800 of which is going to the driver!

They were extremely deceptive and the sales reps know that when someone moves they NEED their car so once they are there they figure they can jack up the price because how else will the consumer get their vehicle. the fact that i called josh the day i left to ensure it was only $850 because if it was going to be anything more I was ready to take my car to the dealership to trade-in. josh was extremely deceptive and led me to believe everything would work out so that he did not have to shred my contract. then he screwed me once i was already relocated claiming he was not liable to do anything because he never said the word "guarantee" the day that i had called him. this company is total bull shit so if for some reason you are crazy and want the worst service EVER use them. just be sure you have a written guarantee or you will have the price raised by hundreds once you have moved!

Company Response
Yosi Matilsky from Bluestar Auto Movers Submitted this response.
Response Date: 3/27/2012 12:20:00 PM
We have never charged her credit card. As soon as we've received her order from our sales department we notified her that she was under quoted. She asked us to work on her order anyway and not raise the price. We agreed to work on her order without charging her credit card but unfortunately because of the low price we couldn’t find any driver