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Scamed by AVL!

DAN Submitted this review about Avl
Review made Live: 5/19/2013 11:16:00 PM
This company should be shut down! I was told it would cost me 840.00 to ship my car total that's it not a penny more. as of witch 175.00 was a deposit i would pay the driver the remainder of the balance 665.00 upon delivery. They posted my car on central dispatch.com at 900-1075 the next day witch i was made aware of by another company who was kind enough to send a copy to my email. So every time i tried to reach Irene i was told she stepped out for coffee. she must drink a lot of coffee because i tried several times. Then i was contacted by Al from dispatch who told me my car would be picked up in a day or 2 and we were still good on the 840.00 signed contract. Car was picked up 4 or 5 days later and i received an email that it was going to cost me 1100.00 on top of me deposit! so 1275.00 total. At this point what are you going to do because they already picked up the car and if you refuse to pay that much they will put your car in storage and you will never see it again or it will cost you even more money.The only person i spoke with through this hole deal that told the truth was the truck driver.And he was not affiliated with AVL. They gave me the cheapest price of all the companies and in the end charged me the most! STAY A WAY FROM THESE CROOKS!!!